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Stop and Shop Job Application

Updated on August 16, 2012

Stop and Shop job application

Everyone wants to earn money in some ways some would work online other would go the natural route. Still others would find grocery jobs appealing maybe because of experience or other reasons but definitely it’s worth a try for some.

The internet has capitalized the application process in which people who are looking for this particular job can apply online. Stop and shop job application is a great source for all your grocery employment needs. It all started in 1914 Stop and shop was called Grocery Stores Company back then.

The Rabinowitz family spearheaded the grocery store located at Somerville, Massachusetts. By 1946 it was changed to Stop and Shop. Stop and Shop had major changes through the years; in 1980 it was acquired by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts through a leverage buyout.

After 15 years of operating the whole company was placed on the selling block eventually landing in the hands of a reputable Dutch supermarket operator by the name of Royal Ahold. Since then it has been a subsidiary of Royal Ahold having the image as one of the largest retail grocery store chain. It has dominated the Northeastern part of the United States and presently holds the distinction of being on the top 5 of leading employers in New England.

With 59,000 associates and counting, Stop and Shop has managed to grow375 retail stores in 7 states including: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and New York. To have an idea in working on an environment such as Stop and Shop, is like working with an entity that provides an exciting and rewarding career.

New challenges always crop up because of the fast pace nature of being in a retail grocery store industry. Being an employee at Stop and Shop means arming yourself with the right amount of initiative in your system because you are faced with a variety of challenges that you can only accomplish if you do it on your own terms with the right determination.

Stop and Shop guides their staff by giving them ample amount of continuous education opportunities and extensive training. Career advancement is endless at Stop and Shop and employees are accorded numerous benefits which includes: vision, dental, medical, prescription coverage, competitive pay, group life insurance, short and long term disability, child/spouse life insurance and ADandD.

Motivational perks are also there to give an atmosphere of well being for the employees that includes: educational scholarship, employee assistance program, discount movie tickets, employee recognition program, Ford purchase program, tuition reimbursement, Nextel purchase program and IBM purchase program. Everything starts at the bottom and by filling out an online application form on the Stop and Shop website you are directing your career to a more fruitful one ahead.


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