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Storage Container Eco Home Converts

Updated on May 17, 2015

If a storage container isn't what you would call home, may I suggest;

If you could do something...

If you could do something to benefit mankind as well as your pocket, wouldn't you?

Follow this post, read it carefully and at the end think carefully and then comment. Tell me your opinions and share with me the advice you have to share as to how I can make this goal more achievable.

So, in the news...

In the news we have seen this going on in the States a lot but not so much over here in the UK, I had this idea before it was cool. I did, however, recently see a story about this going on in Brighton, I just really hope it isn't a Brighton in the United Kingdom.

My plan is to take a regular container and convert it...

From this...


To something like this...


So, why a container of all things?

Well, not only are containers actually spacious compared to most things you could convert your home using but they are also extremely robust, hard wearing and secure. With the ability to hold 30 tonnes each individually and the ability to be stacked nine-high, you can make your own dream home for nearly pennies compared to what you'd be paying a builder to use brick and mortar to do.

The best part is, ecohomes aren't the only thing you can use a container convert for. Other projects include; community halls, classrooms, offices, youth clubs, canteens, sleeping quarters, galleries, bars, bike stores, workshops, changing rooms, shower rooms, toilet blocks, exhibition and retail units. The list is ever growing.

The inside view of a converted container.

This unit has been converted into what looks like a kitchen space, there is ample room to add a fold up table and chairs and double it up as a dining space too. If you had a bed, you could have it as a sleeping area; a self contained bedsit.
This unit has been converted into what looks like a kitchen space, there is ample room to add a fold up table and chairs and double it up as a dining space too. If you had a bed, you could have it as a sleeping area; a self contained bedsit. | Source

Here is a brilliant flip book put together by Birmingham Youth Pod detailing how to complete a conversion.

I feel that is brilliant to put online for people like me who have intentions of using resources like these to create the most magical conversion.

Without further ado, let me talk more about my plans.

Do you like the idea of living in a storage container?

See results

I plan to use two containers next to each other to create the basic shape, I plan to use these single storey living spaces for single people and couples. My plan is to make the rent affordable and accept housing benefit to help those living on the street get back their independence.

For families, I will place another two containers on top and create a maisonette and so on and so forth depending on the person(s) needs.

I plan to make them economically and environmentally friendly through the use of solar panels on the side of containers and on top to utilise the sun at every angle and every container will be equipped with one small wind turbine, this will generate electricity and keep bills down for the residents.

Alongside these two appliances will be the insulation used between the inner wall and the outer metal wall, this will be basic microfibre insulation boards, the inside of the metal container will be covered in rubber and sealed to prevent any heat loss with air vents covered in mesh along the side walls to prevent water leaking into the property.

This is what it should look like.


Video of storage container being converted into office space...

Planning permission will be the trickiest obstacle, I plan to have several of these converts compiled together to form a complex, an estate if you will, with simple stair cases leading to the upper properties and a road connecting them all together.

The Interesting Bit: Revenue and for those who want to help...

After all of this, how do I plan to make any profit?

Well, most of the income will come from rent which will be supplemented by the rent gained from the plot (as these homes will of course be mobile) and from service charges (communal maintenance and cleaning) and parking permits.

The way I will start this venture is 100% reliant on the public contributing, investing if you will as I offer a 10% profit-share dividend after one year of business start and will continue to pay this dividend until the investment is returned in full.

After this venture is started, I will apply for small business grants to cover the cost of planning applications and other legal fees associated. I will carry out all work myself with a hand picked group of community volunteers with the exception of plumbing and electrics which I will outsource in the name of safety.

It will take approximately 3 years to see a real return.

The overall design could look something like this...



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    • AndrewHil93 profile imageAUTHOR

      Andrew Hill 

      4 years ago from Leicester, United Kingdom

      Brilliant advice, Silva Hayes, I like your name... Very unique.

      I will try that.

    • Silva Hayes profile image

      Silva Hayes 

      4 years ago from Spicewood, Texas

      You might want to check into "gofundme." If this would be partly a humanitarian project, I think it's worth a try. Great ideas; change is necessary and it's coming. Happy 2015; may it be your year.

    • Penny G profile image

      Penny Godfirnon 

      4 years ago from Southern Iowa

      I see promise in this, however, in the united stated these projects become very expensive, what is the cost of one container? electric, plumbing, anchoring these containers? Depending on the area, lots of insulation would be needed. I'm not saying no to the idea but I think there will be alot of planning, questions about cost ect.


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