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Storage Treaures

Updated on January 15, 2016

Storage Facility Do's

Five Storage Facility Do's

This is my first blog on this website so bear with me. First of all my name is Holly and I have been buying storages in the state of California for a little over a year. This last year I have had some pleasant surprises, not so pleasant surprises, over-paid, been ripped off, gotten into arguments with storage managers, and have found a fair share of drug paraphenelia. I'd like to use this blog to help other aspiring entreprenuers who are just starting out in the storage business. It's a pretty tight knit community and not a lot of people like to share there secrets. To sum things up for my first capsule, I am going to create a list of 5 do's in the storage industry.



To put things nicely, the people who abandon storages are usually, not always, but usually not the cleanest people. I can't count how many times I've uncovered drugs, glass, dirty underwear, old food for some reason. Plus their is tons of dust everywhere and your hands will be black by the time you're done cleaning the unit out. Do yourself a favor and wear gloves! Don't make the mistake of getting hurt or touching someone undesirables

2. Take Your Time

Now this can get tricky, especially if you're just starting out. You want to buy as quickly as possible and get your business started. You don't care if it's $200 for a 5 by 5 unit with two wheels in it, you want it now!. Stop, and think. Breath. This is especially hard to do at live auctions which will lead me to my next Do.

3. Buy Online

Now don't get me wrong, I love the excitement of the storage auctions. The auctioneers barely audible rambling of numbers makes me want to spend money, but you want to do the opposite of that. You want to keep the cost of the storage low so the profit is high. That is why I choose to bid online. There are several web sites that are free that you can take your time and find a good unit to bid on. The websites usually put the storage facility up two weeks before it is sold and it gives you plenty of time to look at the pictures they take and to really think things through. There's no auctioneer. You can be in control of how much or little you want to spend.

4. Buy a Manageable Storage

I remember one storage I bought a few months ago. I had done everything right, looked at the pictures online, didn't pay to much, but it was a 15 ft by 20 ft storage. Everything I had bought until that point was much smaller and much less full. When I got to the storage the pictures did not do the storage justice; there were about 5 dressers, a bakers rack, a dining room table, tons and tons of heavy things that my 5'4 frame needed a lot of help moving around into a moving van. The lady at the storage facility gave me an extra week to clean it out because she felt bad about not taking good pictures. Had I just stuck with my usual 10 ft by 10ft storage I could have avoided this problem. I got desperate, and really really just wanted a storage. That was my mistake, and I paid dearly with the cost of moving, labor, and time.

5. Have a Good Attitude

Don't be upset if you go into a storage and don't find fistfuls of cash or some super awesome antique. This isn't storage wars the TV show! This is real life. You need to be realistic. Wait until you clean the whole unit out before your decide how much money you could make. Don't make assumptions. Everything will be ok. If you follow the above steps a loss will not be a big deal, just move onto the next one. Just because you buy a storage does not mean you will make tons of money or even your money back. My favorite thing about storage hunting is the chase, not just finding that big high price item (although I do really like that too!)

I hope my first blog wasn't too boring. I will try and post a new one each week. Thank you for reading!


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