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Strategic Media List Building Tips

Updated on July 12, 2010

Once you’ve written a great press release you need to make sure that you have a proper media list built so you know who to send it out to.  A media list is a comprehensive list that includes different members of the media.  All the important information should be included such as name and contact information of each of the members on your media list.  These are a few tips that will help with your media list building.

 The most important thing is to remember that you want to be specific and not random because you need to target the right people to send information out to.  To get the best media contacts, one tip is to spend a bit of time surfing the Internet.  With the Internet you literally have a wealth of information available at your fingertips.  Although the cost can be a bit expensive, it’s usually worth it because there are some great listings of contacts here.

 The library can also be a fantastic resource when you’re trying to build your media list.  Libraries offer resource directories that are ideal for this sort of thing.  The best part is that you can get this information for free.  You should plan to spend at least a few hours at the library so you’ll have plenty of time to write down all the information you need to take home with you.

 Always be savvy and work everything you’ve got when you want to add to your media list.  This means getting out and socializing with the right people to get the information that you’re looking for.  When you’re friendly and get yourself out there, you’re going to get a good reaction and people are going to be willing to offer you information.  Just make sure that you always verify any information you’ve been given before using it.

 Using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter can also be quite helpful when you’re looking to build your media list.  Social media sites offer exciting new ways for you to invite people to your email list and incorporate them onto your media list.  Even talking to your family and friends can be helpful here and offer you great ideas for adding to your media list.  A media list is crucial because it ensures that you’re reaching out to all the right people and that you’re going to have the most success with the information you’re releasing.


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