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My Personal Strategies For Social Media Success That Have Been Working For Me.

Updated on September 8, 2011

I have been doing social media marketing since 2007 during the days when they called it Web 2.0 and Facebook was targeted strictly to college students.

Well, a lot has obviously changed and internet marketing strategies change right along with the times.

TV and Radio are making very little money in advertising as people listen to their ipods, satellite radio, and internet radio. People watch videos on YouTube more than they watch television.

This is our opportunity to tap into all this media without a huge investment. Sites like Facebook and YouTube have leveled the playfield in our advantage and now we no longer need money to start a radio station. We can have our own for free and then make money on advertising.

With social media I have made a lot of mistakes and in this hub, I am only going to share with you what has been working for me. If you follow this advice, you will make less mistakes.

Social Media Is Strictly a medium and nothing more than that

I know we like to look at social media as a fun place to hang out, but if you have a business and want to brand yourself, social media has to be treated like the other media:

Television and Radio is Broadcast Media

Newspapers and Magazines are Print Media

Facebook, Twitter, etc are Social Media

Media is media. They just differ by platform and delivery, but they are just media and they have to used the right ways in order to gain success from them.

What you can accomplish with social media marketing and blogging

With social media marketing and blogging, you can accomplish things that you normally could not with a regular website including, but not limited to,

1. Establishing your expertise in your field and establishing your brand

2. Finding new customers and clients

3. Educating the world and establishing your brand

4. Monitoring your competition

5. Setting trends

If you notice, I mentioned “establishing your brand” twice. That is not an error. Marketing is all about establishing your brand. It is a strategy to get people to remember you either by making them happy with word of mouth or by repetition.

Also, because we all have so many competitors, your main goal is to rise above them in both your and their branding.You can do that by item #1: Establishing your expertise


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