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Strategy for Business Growth in Hopitality industry

Updated on June 6, 2011



INTRODUCTION: The hospitality industry has become another fast growing industry in the world today including Nigeria as a country. The reason for the increase is as a result of people trying to tour from one place to another during vacation or on special business trip, others are as a result of celebrations such as Wedding, Birthday, Organization anniversary and many others. Individuals who want to set up a relationship date, engagement and also couples outing has also increase the activities of the hospitality industry. Many business owners and firms have seen the need to go into this business sector because of its demand and so the competition in this industry is already in the increase. Now every owner of a hotel, eatery, fast food place etc in the industry wants to have an edge over the others to stay in form in the industry. So the competition is on the high side and realty much.

The only way an organization, company and other kinds of firm in the hospitality industry can stay in business is for them to understand what every potential customer will want to see and get whenever they want to lodge, eat or seek the services of an hospitality firm.


It is important to know that what differentiate one firm from another and one product from another is the quality of product or services rendered by a firm. Therefore the image of an organization comprises of the following:

- The quality of its product

- The quality of its services


The quality of a product matters a lot especially in the hospitality industries. Every one dealing of food must ensure that the quality of the food is good and of good standard (taste and quality wise). This is the reason why every consultants and owners of hotels, eatery, fast food and café must go for the most recommended recipe or ingredients for every particular menu that they undertake and at the same time ensure that they get qualified chefs and cooks to manage it.

Cost effect is very important in business and every business owner wants to be cost effective so as to maximize product which is one of the agent of business growth and expansions. But on the other hand, they must also be careful be careful because getting cheap labor for cost sake, can also run down your business because of the quality that will come out of it. The quality of your product becomes your public image that will be used as a reference to your business / firm. A good quality control analyst should also be employed, who will run the input analysis and ensure that the adequate quantity of recipe is being used for the production of the product. When the quantity of carrot for in instance for the production of one Shawama is 0.2kg and 0.4kg was used for the production of four shawama, you definitely will know that the quality of that Shawama will be affected. A hospitality firm must go for quality product if they must attract more customers for patronage.


Apart from the quality of a product, the quality of service is also paramount in the design and painting of the Image of a hospitality firm. Every hospitality firm especially those into Hotel and Lodging service must wake up to this call for quality service. The premises must speak well by reason of its neatness and the facilities must be functional. This is one of the things that any customer wants to see and know. For eateries and fast-food/cafés, the normal portion/quantity of meal purchase by customers should be what should be given to them. This should be another serious aspect every manager of hospitality companies, they should ensure that the recommended portion is complied with. And any deviation from this show that your customer meal has been under portion and it’s not a good representation of the firm.

The frontline staff should be smart, cheerful and well dressed and looking nice, caused it goes a long way to assure the customer that his/her food is from a safe source.

Time taken to serve one customer should be fast and accurate so that no customer will be kept waiting for a long time.

Owner and manages of hospitality firms should ensure that they watch this important area of their firm, if they must increase and grow in this industry where competition is on the increase on a daily basis.


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