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Strategy in Business & Social Media

Updated on August 6, 2014

Strategy in Business with Social Media

Volume 7, Issue 4, August

Formulating a strategy or pre-planning the development of a business plan and the actual way you would like your website to be viewed on the Internet is as important to the strategy of developing a product and marketing the product. The same is said when preparing a strategy for an enterprise that involves Internet usage and Social Media forums. The development of an E-Commerce plan is also essential and is engaged as a tool in the long term for the people who work in the enterprise.

E-Commerce Business Plan

Adaptation to selling style and pitch to the consumers who is the world in a worldwide audience on the Internet. The personalization and behaviors of the audience is imperative to the development of your enculturation of the E-Commerce Business Plan. The most important and critical reason for your insight of society and your current environment on the Worldwide Web is critical in evaluating your social media and social responsibilities to your consumer and most of all to your business. Links when setting up social media and tracking information to the social media behaviors of the current environment is critical on pin-pointing the drivers or belief and response systems that we naturally have as consumers who use the Internet.


A hypothesis is engaged to measure and use as the metric portion and action in the business. Making assumptions of the measurements is vital to evaluating and measuring the feasibility of a business.

A Hypothesis is developed to provide a comprehensive review of measurements and tests conducted including the testing of hypotheses data resulting in a one-sided test with a critical value probability determined of 95 percent or greater. The values exist in human resources, training, finances, and budgeting. This research included a compilation of studies, scales, measurements of populations that included the following elements and factors: Hypotheses Statement, Investigation, Hypotheses guide, Scales, Sampling, Alternate hypotheses: h (0): pi > .0098),Intervention, Objective (determination of disparity), Variable relevant information, Dimensional and causal relationships, and Cycle determinants.

The hypothesis is also set in motion when using behaviors and including different ideas based on the geography of where the business will be held and where the product or service will be sold. It is part of the human experience that ideas, behaviors, and previous experiences or environment interact with the business setting or environment; especially when it includes the driver of the behaviors or usage of language in context or content formats like advertisements.

Marketing and Segmentation

The marketing mix and segmentation plans are critical to a product or service survival and everything must be measured to ensure success of the product or service. The marketing mix involves the four P’s of marketing (Price, Product, Promotion, and Place). The place is important in this instance because Social Media has a very important presence on the Internet or Worldwide Web (E-Commerce).


According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary and the following words have this meaning:


The process by which an individual learns the traditional content of a culture and assimilates its practices and values.

Emotional affects:

Related to emotions or arousal of emotions, feelings, and sensibilities.

Affective beliefs:

Relating to, arising from, or influencing feelings or emotions (cognitive and affective).

The inclusion of the above behaviors in the and cultural exchange that happens between the consumer and the market where the business is held or performed. We include these behaviors in the hypothesis, marketing, and enculturation and development of the business plans where response bias and belief bias are fused with the outcome or measurements or metrics of the behaviors. Communications with our consumers or customers is critical to feel or assume the distribution of the product or service and whether or not be feasible to the company to produce. The business leaders and team of advisors want to ensure that the product or service sells.

There is software to measure some of the behaviors and some programs like Excel, Google Analytics, and Google Adwords assist with measuring some of the Social media sites at a nominal cost, minimal cost, or no-cost employment. More and more social media is using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to handle some of these tracking measures so that it could free up the time of the company IT staff.


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