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Streamline Your Efficiency: Is Time Tracking Software Worth The Spend?

Updated on August 15, 2015

There are various elements that factor into this decision and a clear idea idea about an organisation’s requirements is needed before a decision to invest in and utilise such a program is made. The real question to ask is, are the benefits of the software in line with how much costs?

Time tracking tools like the one offered by OfficeTimer are very efficient and designed to increase productivity. There is no denying that the software improves employee efficiency and is generally beneficial for the organisation as a whole.

Can You Download A Free Trial?

The easiest way to understand how an employee time tracking software works is by actually trying one out. There are many time trackers available online but only a few will allow a trial run before you can incorporate them at your workplace. Try to find one like OfficeTimer which provides all the features on a trial basis to see how they fit into an organisation’s day-to-day operations. No office wants to be stuck with a system that ends up disrupting the workflow instead of streamlining it.

Analyse The Experience With Tracking Software

The trial period should give you a fair idea of whether the time tracking software actually works well with your company. Now it’s time to analyse how using the employee tracker affected the work done by them. Did the time spent completing each task reduce? Did employees effectively schedule their tasks using the tracking tool? How much extra work was completed? A company using OfficeTimer can track all this using the time tracking tool. And with individual employee tracking, it is also possible to gauge how much time each employee is spending on a task. Lastly, were there any glitches with the software itself? After all, if the software itself isn’t reliable then what’s the point of wasting time and money on it.

What Did The Employees Think About The Time Tracking Tool?

Talk to the employees and see how they felt about completing tasks with a time tracking tool. Did they find it hard to adjust to? Did they manage their time better? Is it a hindrance or an advantage? At the end of the day employees are the ones who need to be comfortable with how they are working. A time tracking software like OfficeTimer should be effortlessly usable and should help them schedule tasks efficiently. Using the task manager tool, employees can pick the project and the task under that project while using the timer to calculate how much time they spend on each project.

Does The Time Tracking Software Fit Your Workspace?

This particular question is a tricky one. Deeming your company suitable for a time tracking software depends on a number of factors like the size of the organization, the type of work, and work environment. Does it have a wide variety of tasks at hand? Are there a lot of different clients? For a place like a consulting firm, which deals with a mixed bag of clients, tasks need to be prioritized and multiple projects need to managed side-by-side. An online task manager, like the one in OfficeTimer, can work beautifully here by creating Gantt Charts where you can track projects in real-time and chart their progress.

Do You See Yourself Actually Using The Employee Tracker?

There’s a lot that can be done with a program like OfficeTimer. The online time management tool is a convenient way to access timesheets from anywhere, anytime. The task tracker allows you to instantly track which tasks have been completed, which tasks are underway and which tasks are running behind schedule. If you have multiple projects running simultaneously then the project manager can be used to create teams and assign project managers . It can even be used to track billing of projects once they are completed. The possibilities are endless.

If applied the right way, time tracking software can cater to a host of managerial needs and help an organisation function more smoothly and efficiently with each project.


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