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Stress Management in Corporate Culture

Updated on April 12, 2013

Stress Buster aka Smiley :)

Stress Management in Corporate Culture

As for experienced, we know, corporate world always works on deadlines. While taking care of deadlines we also need to be careful about the work quality as it has to be under the given standards. These all together become a very tiring and hectic over the period of time. If you are constantly working like a robot, understand this, robots also need maintenance from time to time. You have to lubricate them, clean up their body parts, and replace the ones which are not functioning properly. All these have to be done for non-living mechanism. Now put ourselves in their (robots') place. We are living organisms and we require more care and nurturing than a robot.

'For a horse to run longer and better, requires more care and feeding.'

The reason to explain the scenario is very simple. 'All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy.' In today's world there is no place for weak, dull and idles. In order to prevent such scenarios companies are adapting new techniques which can enhance skills of their employees. These can be as simple as creating a free environment where employees are allowed to stick their dreams, inspirations' snaps, decorate their workstation to make it colorful, encouraging rather friendly relations within the employees etc. Such steps motivate employees to work freely within the controlled environment which in turn develops unique relations within the employees and the company. Adding on to it, employers also facilitate indoor games for their employees while they are on break, like Table Tennis, Carom etc. Some of the readers may not agree to it where I hold a strong example to prove my point. Check out the Ambience and Work Atmosphere of Google, World's No. 1 Search Engine.

This is about companies/employers adapting refreshment activities and stress free environment for work. However at the Cubicle/Workstation when we, employee, indulge in our work, often due to deadlines and quality we consistently work and miss the factor known as Health which constitutes both Mental and Physical. Talking about Physical Health; Daily light workout is a vital key to stay fit. Its importance is understood as weaker the body less efficient will our output be and vice versa. Light workout will energize our body throughout the day along with making our thought process smoother even in complex situation. In order to have this routine we need to take time off from our day to day work, often morning time before you get ready for the job as it will be tough to do such activities during office hours.

As we know Mental Health is as important or may be more especially while we are at work. S2C are vital reflections of your Mental Health, as expected by anyone in the corporate world. S2C are Staying Calm and Composed.

1> Staying Calm implies at managing your temper. We can also refer to this as Dry Ice system as however tough and complex situation or issue may arise, if we keep our cool it will reflect as positive outcome or at least neutral for either sides, as in such scenarios situation will be under your control and not the other way around. So remember, 'Heat may be high but Dry Ice will always be Dry.'

To have such behavior one needs to have some recreational activity or a short break for a minute or two. Recreational activity doesn't always suggest you to play games. For such a short time we can do activities like Yoga, Meditation etc. I personally suggest 3SRB i.e. 3Step Rhythmic Breathing. 1st Step: Breath in; 2nd Step: Hold your Breath for some seconds; 3rd Step: Release your breath slowly. You can do this at your workstation. Concentrate on your breath while doing 3SRB and do it for 5 to 7 Times. Caution: Make sure you don't fall asleep ;). This will release all the stress from your head and you will feel light and fresh again. You can also do it moments before some important meetings. You will definitely observe the change when compared to experiences from the past.

2> Staying Composed suggests you to be organized. Preplan your work. As soon as we reach office in the morning we are assigned the task for the day, often it is assigned on the previous day itself. Hence we have a chance to preplan and organize. In order to preplan the day's work we need to divide it into small parts. Each part has to be given appropriate amount of time keeping deadlines and quality in focus. When we are allotting time to each small task we need to make sure that it has to be in a particular manner as first task should be bigger one as we are starting afresh and have lot of energy to complete it, later on tasks' sizes should shrink till the break time. During breaks make sure you don't discuss anything about work or such related topic as if you do so, you will still be working, unknowingly there by stressing your brain. Breaks are for being stress-free for some time before you get back to work, so talk about your family or share some delightful experiences with your colleagues which will create a light atmosphere and refresh your brain and have some light food/meal. Even according to Epicurean Philosophy talking to friends is described as a way to refresh and relax your brain. Thus, while on break, make sure you do activities which release all your stress. Once you are back from the break your subtasks should be performed in the same way as you started the day at office.

If you work in the above described manner some tasks may take longer time to complete while others will take as much or less so there will always be the space for you to manage and complete the assigned work in time with quality. In case you feel the task assigned may take longer than the given deadline approach your superior and ask for their help which can be either extending the deadline or providing you a helping hand. At the end of the day when you finish the given task in time as given by the company and expected by you, it will pour a lot more energy and motivation along with increase in self-confidence.

For more, you can also do some stretching while being at the cubicle which will relax your muscles, plus you can have soft toys, if allowed, which will make you feel happy when you tingle them :). These are some of the most basic tips of how one can stay fit and work hard under any kind of intense and complex situation.

Fellow Readers, Please let me know how you felt about the article which will help me while developing new articles.

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    • nisargmehta profile image

      NISARG MEHTA 5 years ago from SURAT, Gujarat, India

      I am glad teaches12345 that it's used in real life. Thank you for your comment. [Smiles]

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      I can certainly use this advice this week at work. Staying calm and composed is key when working under pressure and with others in the work place. Your advice to work within deadlines is crucial in gaining respect of others, but also to reduce the stress levels.

    • profile image

      jaymin Desai 5 years ago

      In the older days,our farmers used to work in their farms for the entire days. At the end of the day, they were having stress free life.their food and. Life styles were natural. But people nowadays do not have physical strain or quality of food. So, try to live natural life ,do yoga have quality food and you will feel stress free. The all stress is pchycological, a little physìcal. Try to do some cardiac and dynamic exercise at least an hour a day.

    • nisargmehta profile image

      NISARG MEHTA 5 years ago from SURAT, Gujarat, India

      TY Faith :)

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 5 years ago from southern USA

      Very good advice. Faith Reaper