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Strocker - Strip Poker Game

Updated on May 26, 2015

Main Idea

This would be normal poker game, where you would dress up some special underwear, like the Durex Fundawear (That you wear a set of special underwear and can vibrate the others body using an app).

My idea is to vibrate the others parts when they do all-in or leave the table, and when you win, you have the chance to vibrate the others for as long as you want and where you want, that would be a gift after the money prize.

Video streaming would be available but optional, and the webcam wouldn’t be included in the game package.

This would be a good entertainment idea for couples and friends who like to have fun playing poker.

The game

Platform: This would be a game for Windows, connected to the underwear and to an app.

Game modes: This game would have two options, you could join to a random server and random people all over the world would vibrate each other, or you could create your own lobby and play with your friends.

Money: You could charge your account and play with real money, or use a virtual currency. Using a virtual currency, you could not join to any international tournament or buy any merchandise material in the official website.

Underwear: If you are a girl, you can chose if the other players can vibrate either parts or just a part of your underwear.

Also, doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a guy, you can control for how long the others can vibrate you, even in a winning situation, you choose how long you want to let the winner vibrate you.

Webcam: You can do audio and video streaming if you like.

Free features:

  • Create your avatar
  • Choose a lobby (6 places per table)
  • Enable / Disable chat
  • Enable / Disable audio and video streaming
  • Stream audio and video (for 30min)
  • Add friends to your list (limited by 50 people)

Paid features:

  • Add up to 10 places to a table
  • Unlimited audio and video streaming
  • Unlimited friends list


Arduino UNO Rev3 -

Vibration motors -

Rechargeable batteries -

Masculine and Feminine underwear

DVDs (to sell out the game)

Boxes (To ship the game with the underwear and some promotional material)

Mini USB charger

Jumping wire

Arduino Wi-Fi Shield -


This game could, even if that’s not my main idea, create a social network between strockers (that’s how this game players would be called).

  • It would be a great way to have fun, if you are alone or far from the one(s) you like.
  • Allow you to easily meet random people if you’d like to.


Underwear, Electronics and Software development teams/companies are more than welcome to join this project.

I would like to count especially on a software development team to help me develop the main product of this idea, which is the game, but electronics teams/companies also play a big role in this idea.


Since this game will be connected to PayPal and the players will pay for extra features, that will be one of the ways to fund this project, as well as selling the game itself and its promotional material.

Crowdfunding: This is a very common way of funding new ideas, such like this one, and I’ll bet this project on sites like GoFundMe and Kickstarter to raise money to initially fund this idea.

Marketing and Social Media

Website: There will be an official game website, where you can buy several products, such as the game itself and merchandising products too.

Facebook: There will be an official game fan page, where fans and players can keep up with the news, and share it, making the product value even bigger.

Forums: There will be several topics in the main poker forums as well as in indie gaming development ones.

Youtube: There will be live streams of strip poker tournaments, and that will be another way of promoting this game.


  • Junior/Senior Game developer
  • Internet marketer
  • Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • PHP Programmer
  • Video Editor
  • Electronics Consulter
  • Product Designer
  • Mobile app developer




  • Internet marketer – Cost not available yet
  • Graphic Designer – Cost not available yet
  • Video Editor – Cost not available yet

How it works

The game:

You install your strocker game in your PC or Mac and wear your game underwear.

That underwear is connected by an USB cable to the Arduino microcontroller, which controls the vibration motors in your underwear.

The connection between your PC/laptop is made by the Arduino wireless shield and your PC/laptop wireless board.

The Arduino is pre-configured to respect the rules of the game.

Possible project development process

Not decided yet.

What am I looking for?

With this hub I'm looking for some help and feedback in a few aspects:

  • Should I invest and move on with this idea?
  • Should I get a business plan for this?
  • Where do I look for consultation?
  • Where do I find a team?
  • How much to I have to invest, and I know that the values can be astronomic.

How much would you invest?

From your experience, how much do you think this idea could cost me?

See results

© 2015 ThatSweetGirl


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