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How to win a job in a competitive job industry

Updated on June 19, 2013

How could a job seeker stand out against a hundred of job competition in the industry field?

You might actually think about the potential employers: Who’s hiring, how much are they paying, is there security if I switch jobs? When you are starting to build a career and are presently looking for jobs, you also have to think that you are not the only one in the same fate – there are hundreds also who want to build their career and are looking for jobs in the same field as yours. Thus, you need to compete against with these people to win a job you want. But you might wonder, what is their edge against you, and how would you position yourself to compete with them? How would you eventually win and succeed in the competition of job industry?

Check out the Job Industry in your field

Search for employers in your line work, and see how would you fair and stand out based on job requirements – experience, skill set, academic achievements and more? Which of your skills do you think that is the least being asked for by an employer? Do you have a specific specialty or talents that you think you are strongest? Bear in mind that there is no single niche that could determine your success in winning the job. You have to balance out how you would project your skills, job experience, and references that would best give you the spotlight.

Identify your best selling point

To compete against hundreds of job seekers you need to have merits on your field of work. If you are an Auto CAD operator, do you have references that would show how well you do in your job? There are a lot of engineers in the field, but are you a licensed engineer? If your field is in Quality Assurance, are you a certified QA professional? Have you won any recognition in a specific skill you have? These certifications and recognition looks pretty attractive if you include it on your resume, so better flaunt it for the employers to see.

In addition to these commendations, your profile is also a good venue to sell your best points and promote certain values. Being skilled at something is just a part of the job seeker an employee is looking for; they would also want to see if you a fit for the job and that you are passionate about what you do. As for engineers, is it the way you integrate easily managed off-the-shelf modules? As a marketing or sales executive, could you delivery great turnover on sales and being connected with the community your company is serving with? Promote whatever you have, because it is all what you've got and your only weapon to stay in the competition.

Sharpen your best selling point

Not all job seekers may have the necessary commendations on the field they are working at, so look into reflecting your best assets and strongest feature in your resume. Review your application and overall profile to better display how your skills qualify for the job, your ability to work with a team, and your innovative spirit. Design your profile to sharpen the unique points you have and better promote your application.

Apply to where you’re most needed

Once it is clear to you what are the things you are most skilled at and what tasks you could best deliver, apply the jobs that most need and value those credits. If you have good knowledge in measurement and have also a good background in taper cutting, you may look into jobs in the auto parts industry. Go and find for job posting that specifically require your abilities, and you'll whittle down your competition right from the start.

What other means you think you could best promote yourself and succeed in the competition of job industry?


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