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Success Is Closer Than We Think

Updated on August 25, 2011

When The Charms Sound

I think it is time

To let others know how hard we have worked

What our dreams are

From there we can see what new avenues that might open up

So we can spread the word and share our passion

When your ideas sit in your head they are as good as dead

Make it more than a thought make it a dream that comes to life

Sometimes we wait for one special moment when everything will be right

I honestly feel that moment will never come

There is always something that isn't perfect

So we hold off and wait and wait

Soon are dreams begin to fade

They loose steam and the energy to continue on

The dream that once had so much power and potential

Is like dust in the wind

Gone again

We have lost its soul

There is one final chance

To rekindle that original thought

Think back to the feelings that you first felt

That got you all excited and pumped up

You felt unstoppable

This is the feeling I get when I share with you my precious thoughts

One that I can bring to life

This was my intention from the start

Wait a minute

This is my intention now

I haven't lost my dream

I have been asleep and getting some much needed rest

Now I can awake with new hopes and energy and great focus

To do what I always wanted to do

To share with everyone who had a dream that they wanted to make happen

Grab hold of that thought

Hold it close as if it was your favorite shirt

Put it on and wear it till the sleeves get all raggity and torn

Wear it proudly because you have shown others what you see

They don't have the same vision as you

In time you can make them understand it is not just your dream

But a shared dream that makes everything happen

With persistance and dedication then and only then your dream will come to fruition

Then you can share your passion

Come away with me on my journey

I will tease you with such delight

Hold on tight as we have only begun this wild flight


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