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Thousands of Visitors with Zero Conversion or Sales?

Updated on October 10, 2017
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Deon Christie, successful affiliate marketer. Professional Blogger and Search Engine Optimization expert. Published Diamond Expert Author.

Use the Right Tools and Know Your Audience

Blogging And Affiliate Marketing
Blogging And Affiliate Marketing

Making your visitor Want to Stay on your Blog

Valued Reader,

Basically it comes down to four areas you need to focus on, your site load speed, first impression, site security and keyword placement. These are also the three factors that plays a huge role in your traffic bounce rate. Having thousands of visitors with a 100% bounce rate completely defeats the purpose, because your audience isn’t even remotely interested in your content. Actually getting traffic to your blog is one thing, keeping those visitors interested and constantly returning is the kind of traffic you need.

Once we have covered these four aspects, we will move on to have a look at generating some of those interested visitors. Generating buyer traffic to your blog is very possible, and the best traffic is free traffic. It just requires a lot of research.

Fixing Your Site Security – When your blog is secure it should display the tiny green padlock next to your URL, confirming the site is safe. When the https protocol is in most cases not active because an SSL certificate is not installed, which is when the exclamation mark appears warning the site is not safe. Perhaps your SSL certificate is installed but the http protocol does not redirect to https, but there are many reasons for an https protocol not being enabled.

Registering and installing an SSL certificate to your domain, is normally done at no cost by all major hosting providers. All you need to do is contact support and ask them the following; “I need to enable the https protocol for my domain, and also need the http protocol to redirect to https” They will know what to do, and you should receive help quickly especially when your hosting provider offer a live chat selection.

Site security is quite important and it is even speculated that secure blogs and websites does appear to receive some level of favor from Google. A secure visitor is a happy visitor, and you will even see an increase in your list subscribers from your blog. People are more inclined to enter personal details where they know their information (like emails and credit card details) are safe.

Truth often inspires Trust

Blogging And Affiliate Marketing
Blogging And Affiliate Marketing

Your Blog First Impression is Crucial to Conversion

Importance of Your Blog First Impression – When your home page opens, does it address a certain common need identified within your niche? Now there are various leveraging tactics to use like the graphics for your post featured image, your post title (because your latest post will display on your home page) and post content. What your visitor sees when your home page opens is very important, it is your chance to create curiosity.

When leveraging H.2 Headers or post titles, the reason why subject lines prove quite responsive. Kind of like asking and answering a question at the same time while offering a solution. These are some suggestions in a few different niches; “Why dieting efforts seldom end in positive results” – “6 Proven ideas for a greener garden landscape” – “5 Reasons why your comments do not get approved” – Using a number as suggested is also a proven content tactic used by many professionals, it inspires interest and curiosity.

Remember that your visitor is looking for something specific that can make the garden look better, or have better results with weight loss as per our earlier demonstration when using the H2 Header.

The featured image for your post could also be used as a leveraging tactic, even colour plays an important role. Colour can trigger a certain psychological effect, like a sense of trust or just feeling at ease. Blue for example creates a feeling of trust where red often have the direct opposite result. Colour psychology can be perfectly leveraged with your post featured image.

Your home page must prove to your visitor that they have found what they’re looking for, and that is what will result in a visitor staying a couple minutes (around 10-20) on your site and view more pages and posts. These are normally also the returning visitors and the ones commenting on your blog regularly.

How to do Proper Product Research

Your Blog should load in 6 Seconds or Less

The Loading time of Your Blog – Loading time is extremely important, we all get a little annoyed with a site that takes forever to finally load. There are a few factors playing a role in this like excessive large graphics and plugins installed on the blog. Like a tsunami of affiliate banner offers in the blog sidebar for instance, header and background images.

It comes highly recommended that a site opens within 6 seconds, after which the majority of visitors become a little annoyed.

The importance of Keyword Placement – There are three keyword groups namely short tail, long tail and anchor text keywords. These need to be placed in the right positions on your blog where short tail or single keywords should be present in your domain name and blog title or H1 header. Preferable one or two short tail keywords should work just fine.

Try to include some long tail keywords in your H.2 headers or post titles, and populate your blog post content with some anchor text. Anchor text is the search phrase your visitor is more likely to type into a certain search. All your keywords must be based on your profitable niche, where you identify a common need and offer an obvious solution (that actually works). Proper product and keyword research is extremely important before approaching any audience for that matter, regardless of the niche you choose to target.

How To Research Page Rank

One of the easiest Google Traffic Leveraging Tactics

One of the Best ways to get Targeted Visitors – Is by commenting and engaging several audiences, where other blogs and forums prove quite effective. Researching relevant blogs can easy be done with a tool called “Put My Link” (simply search your browser) and it offers various options on exactly which kind of comments you wish to target.

Simply enter the keyword or keyword phrase you wish to target in the search window provided and choose the option for blogs that use the Comment Luv plugin. This allows you not only to share your own blog URL with your comment, but automatically load your latest post URL in the comment as well.

Commenting on Relevant Forums – As with relevant and targeted blogs, the same goes for forum comments. This is turn can be researched with a tool called “Board reader”, just use that search phrase to search your browser and open the tool. Works much like “Put My Link”, but for forum research. Simply enter your keyword or keyword phrase in the search window provided and research the forums you choose to use. When searching for blogs you may want to focus on blogs with the https protocol enabled, also try to focus on sites with the https protocol enabled for your forum research.

Use a tool called “Similar web” to test each individual URL for site visitor quantity as well as visitor quality. Your audience Geo targeting is equally important and plays an important conversion role based on the product price.

This allows you to see how many visitors a particular site you wish to comment on receives over a six month period. With the proper research you will be able to access sites with hundreds of millions of visitors per each 6 month period.

Important thought when commenting – Always comment something relevant to the discussion at hand, and try to add extra value to the conversation. It is important to actually read the article you wish to comment on because you need to make your comment as interesting as possible. That is how you get actual visitors from commenting on other sites.

Content will always be the king of conversion, and with commenting it’s no different. Your comment must trigger interest and offer some form of solution to the need discussed among the audience.

The Difference To Success

Blogging And Affiliate Marketing
Blogging And Affiliate Marketing

© 2016 Deon Christie


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    • Deon Christie profile imageAUTHOR

      Deon Christie 

      15 months ago from Johannesburg, Gauteng

      Hi Kinni,

      Pleasure making your acquaintance, and thanks for the kind words. I always try to simplify as best I can, remembering how I struggled getting started with domains, DNS Settings, SSL and a whole bunch more.

      In my opinion, I think you may want start with your content. Is it compelling enough and satisfying a particular need within your niche. Content is the only thing that can increase conversion, and only you can determine that.

      I can certainly help you with your problem, and kindly ask you to visit my Hub Pages profile. Another post "3 Fatal Mistakes With Affiliate Marketing", you may find quite helpful.

      Please don't hesitate to contact me should you need help with anything. Have a lovely weekend.

    • profile image


      15 months ago

      Deon Hi, You make difficult things easy with simple fewer words. When I check my stats I find reasonably good no of visitors US, UK Australia from all over. I have not received a single bounce back yet. But, I am not getting comments. What to do?

      Kind regards

      Wishing You Happiness Forever


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