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Success and Procratination

Updated on March 20, 2017

It doesn't matter whether it is a Basketball player fighting the urge to skip practice or do exactly what the coach told him to do after a well crafted play (Yes I have the NCAA tournament on my mind), or asking out a young lady for a dance or a date, or going after that job we know we are qualified for, or even completing an assignment if we are an entrepreneur, the one thing that we all fight against regularly is Procrastination...

I know I am one of the worst at this, and have probably lost out on opportunities or ruined opportunities that existed because I waited til the last second and put out less than stellar work or work below my capabilities......Why do we all it because of a fear of failure, is it because we feel we won't live up to someone else's standards...

I would not be surprised if procrastination had not impacted leaders of the free world or even been part of historical moments. But true leaders probably fought off the urge and took the bull by the horn. Wondering if Leonardo Da Vinci or Amelia Earnhardt, or Geronimo or Malcolm X, Paul Revere or Muhammad Ali ever procrastinated. Wonder if Obama, Clinton, Reagan or Bush procrastinated in the White House...

Who knows maybe even our pets like to procrastinate. Dont take me out to walk, i just want to vedge. I want if the great spiritual leaders procrastinated. Can you imagine Jesus, Mohammad or Budda saying I will get to that later.

Ask yourself why you procrastinate, and you might even find deep inner secrets about yourself..Maybe you aren't as confident as you project to the world, maybe you fear failure or disappointing those around you?
But in the end, do you just create a self fulfilling prophecy of creating the dysfunction or the non success that you say you don't want....Doesn't procrastination just lead to the failure, we say we don't want.

I am sitting here this now wondering if Prince, Stevie Wonder, Spielberg, Oprah, Ron Howard, or Quincy Jones or Carol Burnett ever found a reason to procrastinate....

I mean I understand why we procrastinate on certain things...the procrastination of bills is because we want to hold on to that money for as long as we can, and we really don't want to let it go. The procrastination of going to the doctor is for fear of what they may find out about your health? The procrastination of giving your parent's your report card or your spouse the family's latest financials, it's because of fear of their reactions..

Oh well, I've procrastinated enough. Guess it's time to hit the shower and get ready for work and another work week. Hope this little ode to procrastination has inspired someone to get off their backside and accomplish something..

But, in the end procrastination is something we need to fight about all the time? Tell me about some of the things you have procrastinated on and how you personally have fought procrastination?


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