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Success is effort (Are you worried about the future?)

Updated on July 13, 2015

Effort more or less

Yeah sure some people might have more effort in their personality than others.

That doesn't mean there isn't something in this life that would give them a boost of energy and determination.

Even the laziest person you know could have a passion that could turn that person into the most successful person you know.

It comes down to how productive they force themselves to be because and how much they want to reach their goal.

Some people might have problems keeping them from being productive.

Such as sleeping problems, fear of the unknown, depression, addiction, and just about anything else in life that could make a person not feel positive.

The thing is this type of person no matter how much they think they are under ordinary they can achieve things in a much greater and creative manner than most others.

This is because when they set their mind to something they really let it expand weather it be negative or positive.

They really dig deep and find the heart of their passion once they get into it.

Which yes any type of person can do this and anyone can achieve more than the last guy. That is not what it is about though.

What ever you achieve shouldn't ever be carried out to out do anyone.

Your achievements should be carried out to better yourself as a person and to help humanity.

What it comes down to is your life style and life choices.

If you aim to be successful you will be.

So if your main obstacle is a LACK OF SLEEP then spend most of your effort waking up earlier in the day and doing what ever you need to do to go to sleep earlier as well.

If you are DEPRESSED then put all your effort to finding something new in life that can give you positive vibes everyday.

Such as new friends, a new hobby or passion, new routine, and actually medical help for your depression.

If you are ADDICTION to something then the best thing to do is distract yourself. Many people think that if they are stressed then they should just try to relax and the stress will go away.

If you are stressing over the future relaxing will not make the stress go down. If you distract yourself and achieve something you will feel EMPOWERED. Empowerment is the best cure for stress that i know of. The empowerment of the LOVE from your friends and family. The empowerment of ACHIEVING A GOAL you planned, and so on...

So what ever your problem just know there is a solution and you can achieve it even if it seems absolutely impossible.

Just spend the time every day to better yourself and you will only achieve greatness.

Daily life choices to success

5 out of 7 days in the week you should wake up as earlier as possible.

This might seem very hard for some people if your used to staying up to 2, 3, or even 6 am. I used to stay up that late or early you could say lol.

I could go into a long paragraph on how to change your sleeping schedule but thats not what this article is about. Instead ill give you 3 basic things to help you and the rest you can find by searching on google trust me :).

1. Be active!

(Work out for at least 30min a day.)

(try to use all of your energy up but, don't over exhaust yourself)

2. make routines

(Don't do anything in your sleeping area except sleep )

(If you must watch t.v in your bed then at least stop watching 1 hour before you go to sleep)

3.No lights, sugar, or greesy foods before bed!

(Try to keep it as dark as possible hours before sleep) (Don't eat any sugar after 6pm)

(Don't eat any food before you go to bed because it might upset you intestines making it hard to fall asleep)

2 out of 7 days you should treat yourself.

This is very important to understand.

You must have certain days when you mostly work and certain days when you mostly have fun.

You can work a little on your fun day or have some fun on your work days but make sure you start a routine of the two.

On your fun days take risks don't do the same thing!!! You don't want your fun day to seem boring and repetitive. So go out meet new people! Try new things!

On your work day take risks just like fun days.

Although you should keep the time you work repetitive when it comes to work days to keep the work as un-stressful as possible.

If you take risks to try new things and learn new things it will make work more interesting and success will start pouring in!!!

Also make sure you have a vacation every year! Always plan your vacation budget 1 year ahead and most likely it will work out. If you absolutely can't afford a vacation treat yourself to something new, fun, and interesting to you.

Here are some tips to help you achieve this routine

1. Do all the hardest things earlier in the day.

This way a work day will not seem as bad.

Once you are done with the hardest thing in the morning the rest of the day will be a breeze.

Also you will feel very empowered by your achievements.

2. Don't think of failure as failing in life.

Think of it as educating yourself and growing in life.

Every time you fail you can learn something or get better at something you already know.

No matter how bad it feels failure helps you grow as a person.

Also the more you fail the less stress you will have when you try again.

3. Write about your plans/ routine

(If you absolutely do not like writing talk to your friends/ family about it.

You could also talk to yourself about it ( I know a little weird but it helps lol)

Just make sure these plans and routines are on your mind everyday.

If it stresses you out to think about it then don't worry about your work.

Don't worry about how much you achieve.

Just Start a routine and have fun with it. Do it to have fun in life not to achieve greatness.

Once you start your stress levels will go down and the more you keep to your routine the more your stress will go away!!!

Together we can achieve anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!

effort or luck?

Do you believe Everyone can achieve just as much as anyone else or more with effort?

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