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How to Sell Well on EBay?

Updated on March 28, 2015

I Became a Seller

I can remember wanting to try eBay but thinking it was too difficult I thought would use one of the stores we used to see that would sell for you. The only problem is eBay already takes a percentage and then your seller would too.

Finally I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately I started in December and did not even consider that people would want might items quickly. A new seller has lots to learn including how to list, prices, to charge, how to ship, etc. With trial and error I have finally become a top rated seller. It took patience on my part as I have thin skin and dealing with the public can be emotionally trying. Items have to be sent out within 24 hours and you need to have good packaging and shipping routine.

Postal Scales for Selling on EBay

Weighmax 2822-75LB postal shipping scale, Battery and AC Adapter Included
Weighmax 2822-75LB postal shipping scale, Battery and AC Adapter Included

A good set of postal scales are one of the necessary products to sell well on eBay


How to sell on eBay


Is your Merchandise Marketable

To make money selling on Ebay you have to have something to sell that the public actually wants and or needs. Try as you might you can't market something no one needs. The biggest sellers on ebay seem to be name brand products like Pottery Barn and Lulu Lemon.

During Spring and Summer months plants do well. This was a trial and error event for me also, first shipping with peat moss and later wrapping my plants and seedlings in damp paper towels and inserting in plastic bags to keep them moist.

To find out if your item is marketable go to the advanced setting. Put in your item and list any stipulations such as new, used, etc. Check the sold only items and see how many of your items have sold.

Not only will this tell you if your item is marketable but also what price to list it for and whether it is best sold as auction or buy it now.

Be sure to set up a paypal account for payment and to pay for your shipping and ebay fees.

How to List an Item to Sell

What makes one person's item sell over another may often seem like chance but more than likely it is because of great pictures, good price, a detailed description and sometimes even small things like free shipping and your ebay rating as a seller. Many buyers will read your reviews to make sure people do not have problems working with you.

Pricing is important. In my experience some items sell better from auction while others with a set payment price. I tend to price lower cost items in the auction category because I have less to lose if the competition does not carry the price as high as I would like. Try to go just below your competition. You can offer deals like buy 3 get 3 free, etc. Creativity can definitely work on your side. Try to establish a name for yourself. Offer free items with your listings. You want your items to stand out from the crowd.

Be sure to take good photos. Most iphones now take good photos. Natural lighting will probably be your best bet. You can take up to 12 photos. Try to get images from all angles including closeups. Don't sell wrinkle worn out items. Make sure your items are in good condition. Wash and iron any clothes you plant to sell. List all you can about the size such as waist size, length or inseam, hip measurements.

Next tell your potential buyers as much as you can about your product. Such as how old it is, how often did you use it, are there any problems with your item? Be honest and descriptive. You may think a pair of jeans are too old to sell but vintage jeans are making a huge comeback.

You want to offer refunds to be a top rated seller. Buyers like to know they have a guarantee if your item is not at all what they were expecting.

Crafts to Sell On eBay.


Watch the time of your Auctions on eBay

Watch the timing of your auctions. When I write this you may naturally think about time of year. Such as selling Christmas decorations in late fall but I am also talking about when your auction will be ending and people on the east and west coast will be able to watch and get their bids in. You don't want most of the US asleep when your auction is ending if that is your marketing nitche.This can make a difference in how much your item ends up selling for. If you have room for storage stock up on deals after the holidays to sell next year. Many people scout out thrift stores, garage sales, Goodwill and more. With time you will learn what items are most coveted on eBay.

How to Sell on eBay for Beginners

How to make Selling Easier

It will make your shipping much easier if you have the correct shipping supplies. I ordered labels that you can use to print two labels on with self adhesive.. They helped to tremendously speed up my shipping process. I also get my bags and packing equipment from eBay. I like Uline and a couple of others. Check the competition.

Invest in postal scales. If you are planning on selling more than a few things a month this is a life saver. EBay makes it very easy to find out what shipping rates are so you can list them for your buyer and if you go through eBay they will even upload your tracking number for you. You can receive a discount on shipping by shipping through eBay's shipping program. This will also save time on trips to the post office.

You may want to consider selling globally. If you do you can actually sell by sending your item to the global shipping center and they take it from there. It makes it much easier on you as far as custom and trying to figure out shipping prices.

You should also consider getting insurance when shipping items you don't want to risk shipping without protection. I do package my own items. If they are fragile I have learned tricks like putting a box inside a box. You will need bubble wrap and maybe biodegradable peanuts to keep your items safe. If you are not comfortable with that you can take it to a postal mail it shop and have them box it. You will still need to buy insurance and pay their fees so consider that in pricing your item.

You will soon learn your own tricks. Many supplies are available free at the post office. It is often cheaper to ship with flat rate boxes. This will help take weighing and guessing out of your shipping price. Regional rate boxes can also save a bundle depending on the weight of your item and where your customer lives but you won't know that until the item has been purchased.

It is very considerate and helpful to inclose a thank you note with your eBay ID on it with each package. That way your customers can remember you for future business.

To become a top rated seller you need to get your items out in one business day with as few complaints as possible. Also offer returns. It dose sound difficult but once you get a routine you learn what works best for you.

Be sure to check your messages often. Be courteous to your buyers. Answer questions quickly. The better you are at being polite with public the better seller you will become

It can be difficult working for the public. I am a kind person and have had some insulting comments submitted against me. I have learned with the help of my husband to let it go and move on.

Things to sell on eBay

People are often interested in collectors items, desighner clothing and more.
People are often interested in collectors items, desighner clothing and more.


Be sure to save your frequently sold items to a file so you don't have to repeat your photos and your listing details over and over.

In Conclusion:

Be considerate. Answer questions asap. Be honest and ship quickly. It can be difficult working with the public at first. Sometimes you may feel like someone is complaining just for the sake fo complaining. Soon you will learn to let it roll off your shoulder.

Do use eBay"s support team. I have found them to be very helpful and compassionate about their jobs. Most times I am able to get an answer to my question quickly.

If you sale used items be sure they are clean and pressed.

I have found plants to be very lucrative to sale. I have learned how to collect seeds and bulbs. My knowledge in plants has grown tremendously. Find your niche and before you know it you will be a successful seller on eBay. Some people enjoy going to garage sales or finding deals to resale. Whatever your niche is hang in there, be courteous and you too will find success.


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    point2make 3 years ago

    I am always looking for helpful tips to improve my eBay seller experience. Thanks for the help. Good Hub