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Sucking Up Your Way To The Top - Part Two

Updated on May 1, 2012

The Basics Of Successful Sucking Up

As mentioned in the earlier Hub, the success of Sucking Up in based on the fact that all human beings have egos. And ego is that part of our make-up that reflects how important and special we think we are and how important it is for others to recognize how important and we special we think we are. As it is with all people, egos come in different sizes. There are small egos, more difficult to be sucked up to, medium sized egos and egos so big they have their own zip codes and hence the most susceptible to being sucked up to. Ego is very interesting, because not only does everyone have one, like asses, but everyone likes to have it stroked from time to time. Now while we can certainly inflate and stoke our own egos, I'm sure you already know a lot of people who do that, it's better when someone else does it. In fact, when someone else feeds our ego and acknowledges how super doper they think we are, we like it so much that we unconsciously seek it out.

Therefore the first basic rule of Sucking Up is to understand the kind of ego you're dealing with. In order to do that you need to conduct a simple ego assessment.. As mentioned earlier, there are three different types of egos. The first type is called the SERVANT EGO. The servant ego belongs to a person who lacks power, self-confidence, self-esteem and has a low opinion of themselves. They usually aren't very successful, unless they inherit something, and not susceptible to being sucked to. In fact, most of the time they aren't even aware they're being sucked up to. To recognize a servant ego all you have to do is give them a simple, straight forward "suck up" compliment and watch their reaction. For example, "You look nice today." If the person either doesn't acknowledge the statement or refutes it by saying, "No, I don't, I look the same as I always do", you immediately know they have a servant ego and aren't worth being sucked up to.

The second type of ego is called the MASTER EGO. Master Egos have a fairly high opinion of themselves and are usually fairly successful or at least think they are or should be. As with the servant ego, the master ego can be easily identified by the response they give to the simple "You look nice today" suck up. While the servant ego's response told you they were clueless, in the case of the master ego the response will be quite different. Their response will be something like, "Thank you, that's so nice of you to say" or some other response that acknowledges that you recognized and appreciated their effort. With the master ego sucking up is much easier and will have a much more powerful effect.

The last ego type and the one that is the easiest to recognize is the KING EGO. The King Ego is so big it enters the room before the person does and literally forces everyone else out. The "You look nice today" statement never gets made, because the king ego says it before you do just by the way they act. An "I look great today, don't I?" look permeates their demeanor and takes it for granted even if you don't acknowledge it. And while the king ego is obviously the most susceptible to being sucked up to, sucking up to them can also be difficult, because oftentimes they're too busy sucking up to themselves to notice.

In the next segment of "Sucking Up Your Way To The Top" we will discuss additional traits of the various egos and the types of Suck Up situations and lines to use.


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