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Super Effective Ways to Boost Your Productivity

Updated on January 3, 2019
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Born in London, I currently live and work in Accra, Ghana. I am a writer and creative entrepreneur.

Be Productive

Be productive
Be productive

f your productivity needs an uplift, decide to be more selfish. Continue to care deeply for others while devoting more quality time and energy to you. This is totally doable if you’re serious about delivering more. Here are some impressive ways to do just that.

Know Yourself

Research shows that after-lunch is generally the least productive time of day! When are you most alert and productive? Early morning is my glory time, but maybe you bloom after the sun sets. Figure out your time to shine and use this period every day to be brilliant! This may mean a sacrifice, like rescheduling your social time, so find creative ways to be social during your “down” time. Coffee, a movie, a game of Scrabble or cooking with your clan are great ways to be social – morning, noon, or night – so that you can reserve your prime time, whenever it is, for your own projects!

Adjust and Multitask

We all want to stay caught up on our social media feed, and yet doing so eats away at valuable time! So, schedule (yes, schedule!) three 10-minute social media breaks a day and stick to that program, which will force you to quickly scan the most important posts. This adjustment will increase your productive time.

Multitask while you’re putting on makeup or waiting for the train. I listen to motivational podcasts while painting my nails. These messages continually remind me that I’m capable and they help me to stay upbeat and ready to rock all day! Explore ways to “synchro-do” in order to heighten your daily production and/or inspire you for the long haul.

As you commit to making better use of every minute by multitasking, spend a little time at the beginning of your day identifying when you’re going to have “down” time so that you can plan ahead!

Make an “Accomplishments List”

Instead of creating a “to-do” list, plan what you need to accomplish each day. This small tweak in your mindset will cause you to focus on finishing rather than doing. Take a few minutes to prioritize your accomplishments list, starting with what’s most important. See your finished list as a challenge to produce. You’ll be more motivated to move through it – and more satisfied when you complete it!

Eliminate Distractions

When I work on projects, background music keeps my ideas flowing – but the notifications on my phone are a constant interruption! You are very aware of the things that divert your attention; if your desire is to be more productive, remove every distraction! Trust me, the world really can wait until you finish the important task at hand!

Review and Reset

Know that your capacity to improve is endless! At the end of each day, review what you accomplished, what was left undone, how you dealt with every obstacle and what you could have done better. Think about how you’ll address the specific challenges you’ll likely meet tomorrow, and then reassure yourself that you’re on the path of becoming more productive every day!

How To Be Productive When You Work From Home


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