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Supplier Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire

Updated on May 23, 2013

Supplier Satisfaction Survey is an important tool in the hands of the buyer organization to gauge the satisfaction level of its Suppliers. The satisfaction questionnaire can be of many different forms, depending on the parameters that the organization wants to measure. The computation of the survey scores and the actions to be taken are a separate topic and is discussed under the head

Let’s take three parameters on which an Organization may want itself to rated on. These are:

  • Collaboration (as perceived by Supplier)
  • Responsiveness (as experienced and perceived by Supplier)
  • Timely Payment (as experienced by Supplier)

Let’s look at the questionnaire.

General Supplier Details

Supplier Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire or Vendor Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire

Sr. No.
Strongly Agree (5)
Agree (4)
Neutral (3)
Disagree (2)
Strongly Disagree (1)
You understand the terms and conditions of the contract with the buyer Organization
You receive periodic communication of changes, if any, from the buyer organization
Your personnel are trained, based on the need, by the buyer organization
The purchase order and schedules are made and sent based on your capacity to supply
You are informed properly about the rejections and defects
You receive orders which are well-prioritized
You know whom to talk to in the buyer organization, in case of issues or concerns
You receive orders with agreed lead times to supply
You find the personnel at the buyer organization responding to queries within agreed timelines
In case of operational concerns, the personnel at the buyer organization is able to direct to the correct person for issue resolution
You receive your payment within or by the end of the credit period
Timely Payment
You find it easy to talk to the personnel within the buyer organization
In case of delay in payment, the buyer organization communicates the same on time and ensures the next time frame is shared with you
Timely Payment
Your supplies, based on the orders are accepted and honored by the buyer organization everytime (except in case of defects)
Once you receive an order, it is usually not changed by the buyer organization
The buyer organization actively pursues issues raised with them and tries to resolve those issues
Senior Management from the buyer organization actively participates in Supplier Forums
System and Process Audits, done at your end by the buyer organization are fair and easy to understand
System and Process Audit corrections are implementable
You receive fair lead time to implement audit corrections
The periodic ratings you receive from the buyer organization is fair
Your queries on ratings, if any, are amply clarified by the buyer organization

The column on the extreme right, titled as ‘Parameter’ is for the buyer organization’s reference and does not form part of the questionnaire which goes to the suppliers. The respondents will put a tick under a point in the five point scale provided in the questionnaire. The response to the questionnaire could be gathered either in a written form or could be enabled through the internet and the response can be collected and analyzed. The analysis, computation and action is explained in the article

Variations to the questionnaire are possible and each should be able to collate information which can be acted upon. When the buyer organization takes action on the feedback provided, it instills confidence in the suppliers to come forth with frank observation, thereby improving the relationship even further.


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