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Suprising Techniques Food Advertisers Use to Advertise Food

Updated on June 15, 2017

10 Techniques For Food Advertising

1. Glue As Milk In Cereal- Yep. Food artists use glue instead of milk when they want to advertise a cereal brand. Actual milk usually makes cereal soggy. The cereal also goes to the bottom of the bowl. Plus the photographers can arrange the cereal pieces to the position they think it will look really good. It gives a fresh look too. Shampoo is also said to do the trick. And yogurt. The consumers fall for the trick, thinking that the substance used is milk.

2. Motor Oil Instead Of Maple Syrup For Pancakes- When you see pancakes on TV, the pancakes are most likely real (hopefully). But the syrup is not. Motor oil is thicker and doesn't run. maple syrup would have soaked the pancakes. Plus, it looks better than maple syrup on camera!

3. Lard And Corn Syrup, Or Mashed Potatoes For Ice Cream- If you use actual ice cream, it will melt under the hot lights pretty quick. So how do they make it look really appetizing and cold? They use lard mixed with corn syrup! Another trick is mashed potatoes. Then they add food coloring to the mashed potatoes. This gives the photographers more than enough time to take photos of the " ice cream". Real ice cream would only have a few minutes. Plus, it looks amazingly like ice cream! Gross!

4. Cotton Balls For The Hot Steam- It is important for food to look hot and ready. Food looks more temping if its hot. The hot steam stops pretty quick. Plus, its really not that noticeable. To add the special effect of hot steam, photographers soak the cotton balls in water, and then heat the cotton balls in the microwave. When they come out, the cotton balls give off hot steam. Advertisers hide them in the food, so it looks as if the food is hot.

5. Dish Soap On Drinks For Freshly Poured Effect - To make a drink look fresh, advertisers add a little dish soap on top. It gives a fresh, bubbly look. It works best for milk, but works well for other drinks too. Like coffee. It also makes the drink look as if it was just poured out.

6. Shoe Polish On Steak To Make it Look Perfectly Cooked - A little shoe polish will do the trick on making meat look perfectly charred. Plus, some black paint will help on the steak.

7. Hairspray On Fruits And Veggies- Photographers simply have to spray on a coat of hairspray or deodorant on fruits and vegetables. Why? It makes it look shiny. And fresh. And appetizing.

8. Paper Towels On Ice Cream - When you squeeze a bottle of syrup on ice cream, it will run and mix in the ice cream. Everybody tried it before. How do the photographers make it look so good? They put tiny pieces of paper towels on top of the ice cream. Then they add the syrup on top of the ice cream to hold the syrup in place. Smart!

9. Lip Stick On Strawberries- When you cut open a strawberry, the inside usually has some white spots. So how do the advertisers cut open a fresh looking ripe strawberry, with almost no white spots? They dab some lipstick or red paint on before the photo shoot. It makes the strawberry look ripe and ready.

10. Shaving Cream Instead Of Whip Cream- When advertisers need to photograph a treat with whipped cream, they use shaving cream instead. Shaving cream doesn't run. It doesn't ruin the shot. Like whipped cream would. Plus, shaving cream is a lot easier to shape than whipped cream.


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