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Sure Clip Review

Updated on May 9, 2011

Sure Clip Reviews

Sure Clip has been featured on TV as an "As Seen On TV" advertisement. Many of these products seem too good to be true and I am normally skeptical in buying them. However, I decided to get the Sure Clip for my aunt since she is always complaining about how difficult it is to cut her nails. She has severe arthritis in her hands and it is difficult for her to use a regular nail clip. As a result, she ends up with jagged nails and painful hands. I figured I would buy it for her since it was only $10 and if she did not like it I would not be out of pocket by too much.

When I gave it to her she initially was in shock. She asked me "Why on earth would you give me a nail clipper?" I had to laugh and responded "Well, I hope after you use this, I won't have to hear you complain again!" She laughed and put the Sure Clip aside. I figured she did not like it or wanted anything to do with it. Well, at least she got the hint that I did not want to hear her complain anymore!

Sure Clip Reviews
Sure Clip Reviews

A couple weeks go by and I run into her at a family event. She then proceeded to tell me how well the Sure Clip works and wanted to know where I got it because she wanted to recommend it to her friends. So I emailed her the website I ordered it from and now she and her friends are more than happy. If you would like to try the sure clip; you can order it at from the Sure Clip website.


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