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Surveys And Paid Offers Part 2

Updated on December 23, 2012

Survey And Offer Truths

There are a number of paid offer sites out there offering to pay you money for your opinion. In essense they are really no more than scams. I don't like the word scam as it is such a harsh word but they(paid offer sites) really are a waste of time. They lure you in by saying you will make money and you will make money if you sign up for advertiser offers and pay the advertiser money for it's product and that is why there are so many sites and posts online calling these companies scams. You shouldn't have to pay $15 to get $10 in return. I would not advise checking any of them out unless you have nothing better to do and you just want to check the site out for yourself. As for survey sites I've signed up for a few but was told on every survey I attempted that I didn't qualify then could kick myself for wasting the time. So I consider those time wasters although there may be people that do qualify.

A few years back I checked them out and signed up for a few but was quickly discouraged mainly because they send so much junk email after signing up and your email address gets on many others lists. But that is the whole point. Once they have your email address they can make extra money by selling their mailing lists to others companies and in turn those companies sell your information to yet more companies. That was one of my main gripes. The next gripe was being told you qualify for a survey you go to it and find out you don't meet their qualifying criteria, well that can mean quite a bit of wasted time you can spend doing something else. Like looking for outside work if you can find it. Unfortunately, we live in a rather plummeting economy which makes finding work even more difficult than it was when the economy was booming and don't get me started on the fact they ship much of our work overseas or out to Mexico. Everyone has a right to work and support their families but not at the expense of people in the US needing work and willing to work.
THere is another unfortunate problem that our government often overlooks, the fact that many jobs are so low paying that one cannot afford to work there. How does one pay rent/mortgage, food costs, automobile costs, utilities, child costs and forget about entertainment on minimum wage? Well the answer to that one is quite, one doesn't. Even with two minimum wage jobs with both people working can these things be afforded. Believe me just one automobile or household repair and you can be wiped out or forced to use a credit card putting you further in debt than you already are.

This isn't what our parents and grandparents envisioned for their offspring. They hoped we would have a better, brighter tomorrow yet many of these seniors are forced to live on their children now and for those that don't have kids they can rely on they are really in dire straights instead forced to get help from churches and other organizations just to eat. Many can barely afford their medicines and are forced to cut down the dosage even though this isn't what their doctor recommends. But I suppose some medicine is better than no medicine but that is sad way to view it and it shouldn't be that way. Things should be getting better. We, America, are considered one of the best countries in the world to live in and granted we are a democracy but still things need alot of improvement. And the situation is many other countries is much, much worse and their plights far worse than we ever thought about it being.

AS the earth gets older and even greater minds find their way into this world things should be improving.

OKay I went off on a little tangent there. I often do and this makes it a little harder to stay on track. My apologies.

AS I was saying working in a decent paying job, making ends meet and balancing all this with household needs and taking care of the kids can be a daunting job and one that comes with quite a bit of financial strength, a strength that we are slowly losing, many have already lost, living paycheck to paycheck, wondering if they will ever have a retirement and at this rate will be until they die literally.

Let me point out, I'm not some internet guru who is going to tell you about this new money making fad I have going and if you sign up now and give me money you will solve all your financial woes and will be rich overnight. I'm just like you, an average person trying to make all those ends meet and wondering about retirement and knowing that if something isn't done and soon there will be no retirement for me.

In a perfect world instead of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer the money would have to pooled among everyone and giving everyone only what they needed to survive without the luxury of buying unneeded items but that's only in a perfect world and it wouldn't be fair to those that work very hard for their money saving and pinching every penny so their might be something for their children while others sit back and do nothing. So it isn't so perfect I guess. It would only work if everyone pulled their weight which most of you know alot of people don't do.

As for paid surveys most of the sites that call themselves survey sites are actually offer sites which to get any compensation you must purchase something that you get billed for monthly and they now have strict requirements in place to make sure if someone does take a free trial they must continue to pay the monthly subscription to get any money. That in my opinion is not worthwhile which in most cases it's difficult to cancel the subscriptions leaving you with the only option being too call your bank or credit card company and cancelling the card and with many CC companies the monthly subscriptions continue to the next account. Again, not a good choice.
As for these so called survey sites(which are really offer sites) you can make a small amount of money taking surveys, reading emails, signing up for offers that don't require a credit card, etc. You are not going to make substantial money but you can make a little extra money if you so desire. The key to making more money is to refer people. Obviously the more people you refer the more you will benefit.

One site I like and and has been featured on Good Morning America is InboxDollars. I was with them a few years back and did get paid several times. For some reason or another, family obligations etc. made it impossible to stay with them and eventually I was forced to abandon them until recently when I resigned up. I still don't have alot of time to devote to them and my other online endeavors but I'm trying to make my time count and that is also key. Making your time count. This is very important to repeat to yourself every day and start getting a good feel for what you are going to do each day and have it outlined so when you do have some time on the computer you make the time count and don't let advertisements, etc bog you down and get you distracted. You must stay on course. If you find something you like make a note of it and if you want to go back to it later then do so when you have time.
Get organized. This isn't so easy for me. And make the most of the time you have before you have to jump off the internet.
Personally, I like public computers because you are within a time constraint and that actually makes it easier to get what you want done. I use my own home computer but being a laptop I have a harder time seeing the smaller fonts, etc. and get distracted more easily. Libraries are usually quiet and make it easier for me to work uninterrupted and get more done with the time allowed me.

Do your research too. If you find a company you think you might like sign up, look around and google them and see what comes up. If a bunch of complaints come up from people not being paid by them ditch them.
I personally sign up with one email address, it's best to use one like yahoo or hotmail(you are going to get alot of email most of it junk) and clean it out about once a week. Then once I see if I like the site I will change my email address to something new that I want to use with the site to cut down on clutter. Some companies send hundreds of junk emails daily whereas others only send a few emails a day. It really depends on how many different companies they sell your information to. By having a separate email address for each company you like also gives you some idea of how many people they sell your information to but this is how they make a big bulk of their revenue, that and getting you to look at or sign up for an advertisers goods. Advertising revenue is the backbone of all survey and paid offer sites as well as many MLM and network marketing sites.

Anything free online such as facebook, myspace, free webmail accounts, free blogs, free web pages, etc. are all advertiser based and they can offer these benefits free by having advertisers. Think about it advertising is the backbone of the entire economy. Car manufacturers advertise their cars, real estate companies advertise and big companies advertise. There are only a few biggies like walmart that no longer have to advertise but rather can stand idly by and watch the money roll in. They are truly one of the fat cats. Of course there are internet biggies like ebay. They've done exceedingly well. AS a matter of fact I used to sell on ebay until the market became oversaturated.

There are reputable survey sites out there that do pay but it takes a little time to find the good ones. If you don't get paid just remember that you didn't spend anything to sign up, you only wasted time. And remember never sign up for a site if it isn't free. There's no point, there are way too many you can sign up for free to pay any money.

I haven't spent any time to speak of on the actual survey sites(true survey sites have no paid offers just surveys you must qualify for) so I can't really recommend any. You can find the lists easily online.


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