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Surveys That Pay

Updated on January 6, 2009

Are Online Surveys Legitimate or a Scam?

I'm on a quest to make large amounts of money working from home. With the help of several online websites, I'm getting there. One of the things I really like to do is take online surveys. Some things I don't like, however, are paying fees to join something, getting an inbox full of spam, or earning money only by referring other people to a survey company that doesn't really send out surveys. This is not my idea of a good time.

Here I've provided some great information that I've learned along the way.  There's also a link to a great directory of legitimate paid online surveys.  All the surveys listed in the directory are free to join and pay in either cash or points redeemable for merchandise.  Information is available for each survey company to help you make a more informed decision. 

How to Tell a Legitimate Survey from a Survey Scam

There are quite a few surveys that will actually pay for your opinions on topics like new movie releases, your shopping habits, or what you think about a potential new product. Most of these surveys pay between $1 and $3, but some will pay $75 or more if you qualify for further questions. There are additional survey companies who look for people who qualify for their focus groups. These usually pay between $50 and $150 for an hour or two of your time and opinions.

click here for an extensive directory of legitimate paid online surveys

It is important to note that legitimate survey companies are also called Market Research companies. When you link to the homepage of a legitimate survey company, you will usually see an 'about us' section. They will be up front about how they gather opinions from the consumer market, will have a privacy policy and usually will have a section for FAQs.  As with anything on the internet, it's your responsibility to pay attention. But with a little bit of reading and common sense, you can easily select a few legitimate survey companies to join, for free, and make between $10 and $100 per week. Whether you're a student, a mom working from home, or bored out of your mind, have some fun and join a free survey panel. Tell them what you think and make some quick cash; for real!

here's a list of legitimate surveys with ratings and comments from others just like you

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Unless you want an inbox full of spam, I would recommend not entering your email address.  These types of companies are GREAT if you want to rack up the affiliates and get paid that way, but if you're looking to make money from home by taking legitimate online surveys, stay away from these offers. 

Also, never ever pay for a list of survey companies.  Marketing research companies want your opinion.  They don't need your money because they get paid by high-profile clients to get your opinions.  This is how they can afford to pay you in money or merchandise.  Do your research and you should be making extra money from home in no time!

check your research here for a list of legitimate paid online surveys 


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