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Swagbucks Review Earn Money Online From Home

Updated on January 29, 2017


What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a site that offers users the opportunity to earn money online doing various things. Swagbucks currently has millions of users. To date Swagbucks has awarded it's users over $100,000,000 in cash and gift cards. This site is very easy to navigate and user friendly. There are many ways to earn and I'm sure at least one will work for you.

How do you earn on Swagbucks?

There are several ways to earn money on Swagbucks. Many are simple and require little effort. Others may take a little time, but can be well worth it. There is a lot to do that is free to earn and then there are others that might require a purchase to earn. Below I will explain the various ways of making money on Swagbucks and what I think about them. My views do not represent the whole of Swagbucks users, but I do hope it helps you decide for yourself if this site is worth your time.

Shop Online and Earn Cashback

There are several sites on the web right now that let you earn cashback on purchases made from certain company websites and Swagbucks is one of them. Is it the best option out there, I'm not sure, but I do think they offer a fair percentage back. I've used their cashback program and gotten lots of points back. I also like that with Swagbucks, if you have their software on your computer, you will get a notification when you go on to a site where they offer cashback. This way you don't have to keep going to their site to see if the site you are on is compatible.

Watching Short Clips For Cash

If you have the time or are just plain bored you can always watch some video clips for cash. You get to choose what type of clips you want to watch from their list and each one will tell you how many points you get for watching them. I do not utilize this method of earning from Swagbucks because I do not think it is worth it. In order to earn a few points you have to watch several minutes of clips, that for me is not worth my time.

Why not take some surveys?

Like many of the other money making sites out the Swagbucks offers many surveys to earn some money. They are all the same kinds of surveys you would find elsewhere and they pay about the same too. I'm a big survey buff so I do these surveys often. The pay range for each survey varies, but it's usually 25 points to 100 points a survey. Some are fun and some are boring, like I said, it's the same stuff you would find on other survey sites.

Complete some Offers

Many sites out there have offers to complete for cash and this is one of them. They have free offers and paid offers. You can make more completing the paid offers, but then again you do have to pay something to complete them. I have completed many offers through Swagbucks, all of them being free offers. They didn't pay much, but I was okay with that. I do all the easy ones that I come across, as long as I think it is worth my time. There are some paid ones that can be worth it too though. You pay $5 and get $10 back in points, if you have the extra dough it isn't too bad. Keep going back to the offers and you can find new ones that are great.

Search For Cash

Do you like to surf the web? I know I do and I do it often. That's why I have made the Swagbucks search engine my default search engine. It's just so easy to do and I feel I might as well make a little change while I do it. I might not be getting rich, but I will take every nickel I can. Each search gives you the opportunity to earn points. You won't get points every search, but the more you search the better your odds. You can win anywhere from a few points to almost 100 points. It's so simple it's a no brainer.

Refer Others for Cash

You can make money just by letting other people know how great Swagbucks is. For everyone you get to sign up you receive $5. How great is that? Do you have friends, family, a website, a blog, or a group of people who want money? Tell them about how they can make money on Swagbucks and get a little for yourself too. It's very easy to do and once people see what they can do on this site they will most likely join.

Earn While You Play

If you like to play online games you might as well get some money for it. Swagbucks has teamed up with the Game Show Network to offer users cashback on all token purchases. As an added bonus you can win money while playing the games by joining in tournaments. The bigger the tournament the bigger the payout. Plus there are many games to choose from so you should be able to find one you like. I do not make money through games, but that is only because I feel I have better things to do. It's different for everyone.

The Point System

Cash Equivelent
Swagbucks has a very simple point system that is actually easy to understand.

What Do You Want?

What Can You Get With Your Points

The million dollar question is always what do I get through this site? Well Swagbucks is very versatile and offer many different payout options. My all time favorite is the old Paypal option. I always love to have cash that I can use on anything I want. If you are looking for something else maybe you want an Amazon gift code? Not that either, well that's okay because Swagbucks offers gift cards to dozens of places. Maybe you want a night out you can get a movie gift card and a restaurant gift card. Or you might need some groceries and want a Walmart or Target gift card. If you are feeling giving you can always donate to a charity. If your car needs gas Swagbucks has a gift card for that. Just about anything you could want they have a gift card for. That is one of the main reasons why I love this site so much. Plus their point systen is so simple that you already know what you can get. As long as you have 500 or more points you can get something and you will already know how much it is worth because every 100 points equals $1.


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