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Swom - Alternative from the 'Make Money on Facebook'

Updated on May 20, 2011

Swom - The Facebook for Marketing

I wanted to create a short article today to inform those of my readers who are interested in marketing with social media, I love to produce creative online content but I also have numerous websites that I need to market.

Recently a fellow contact here on Hubpages called FreeCampingAussie referred me to which is a social networking site that allows you to make money while you comment, update statuses and ask questions.

You may have heard that there are ways to make money on Facebook, however, I would recommend that you checkout Swom first because Facebook has lots of rules about who you can contact or what you can post. Swom is a specifically designed social network for business and you can leave comments anywhere to persuade people to take an interest in your venture.

Photo courtesy of wiki

A great Networking Community

Beside from the opportunity to make money for your community activity at Swom you can gain immense traffic to your other online projects, I will explain this in more detail in the capsules below but first I would like to explain a bit more about how to earn money on Swom.

You can choose between 2 different membership packages, The Blue member only gets to post limited comments and cannot earn from their activity but will benefit from the millions of visitors that may click on their profile link.

Gold Members can create groups, post unlimited comments with URLs and earn from $15 every time they refer others to upgrade to Gold. You will get an extra $5 for every month they remain a Gold member.

It costs a mere $24 a month to have Gold membership and you will earn this back and more so this expense is covered.

For those who want to earn with Swom socialising, here is a list of ways:

make a new connection +1

post a status update or wall message +1

post a comment or reply +1

refer a new member +1

post a question or answer +1

question is voted up +2

per vote answer is voted up +5

per vote post a testimonial (if accepted) +50

win community chest
(you get a small chance of this every time you do any of the above) between 5 - 100

post a message with a link/URL in it Spend 5 points

With Swom remember 'Points = Prizes', I worked out that 250 points is worth around a $1 and you can earn this in day easily.

How to Gain Contacts

On Swom it is easy to gain contacts, if you are using Firefox, simply go to one of your existing contacts friends lists and 27 other members will be displayed on a page. Open each one in a separate tab and this will make it easy to click through each one quickly requesting they add you back. This is also worth a possible 270 points, see how easy it is make money yet?

Swom version of the 'Forum'

Just like on Hubpages, Swom has its own Forum but it is called the 'Open University' instead. At the Open University you can ask questions and give answers, rating on either of these at the same time.

It is great for amateur marketers because rather than just throwing the social media marketing tool at the user and expecting them to figure out everything themselves, it allows the busy entrepreneur to gain knowledge without having to click through pages and pages of 'how to' guides.

I hope this article has been encouraging without sounding too pushy, I intended it to express the excitement I felt for the prospects this tool can have when promoting my creative venture that I have which is my social network!


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