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Syllabus Operations Management 300

Updated on October 17, 2011
Aerial view of South County Center in St. Louis, MO
Aerial view of South County Center in St. Louis, MO | Source

Fall Semester 2011

Section 001 Monday and Wednesday 2:00 pm – 3:15 pm

R.O. Anderson Graduate School of Management #117

Section 004 Monday and Wednesday 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm

Dane Smith Hall #329

Susan K. Hershberger CSM

Office Hours for Susan Hershberger

Upper Level ASM Mondays from 3:30 am to 4:30 pm or by appointment


Operations Management 300

This course provides an introduction to the design, planning and control of the manufacturing and service systems required to transform an organization's inputs into useful goods and services. Managerial challenges in productivity, quality, project management, inventory control, and service system design, waiting line management, and just-in-time systems are considered. Also considered are survey of methods and models for the design, control, and improvement of service and manufacturing systems including project management, product/service design, process analysis, quality improvement, inventory control, capacity scheduling, and Just-In-Time (lean systems). Prerequisite: Introduction to Business Statistics (STAT 245).

General Learning Goal for Mgt 300

To obtain a working knowledge of the role that the operations manager plays in delivering products and services to customers.

Specific Learning Goals for Mgt 300

1. To be able to identify production and service operations management key decisions.

2. To be able to interpret the basic OM decision-making tools and how these tools are used in delivering products and services.

3. To be able to interpret the principles of the Just in Time philosophy

4. To develop the ability to make the correct product and process choices.

Electronic Devices and Computer Use

The use of electronic devices such as cellular phones and pagers is specifically forbidden in the classroom. If you possess one of these devices, it must be deactivated before class begins. If you need to be contacted for emergencies, advise those that may need to reach you to call the emergency message service at 277-7872. A staff member from that office will deliver the message to you in class.

The use of University computing services is a privilege. Users who have been granted this privilege must use the services in an appropriate, ethical, and lawful manner. Unauthorized access is prohibited and may be monitored and reported to the proper authorities. Computing services include all University information and systems using hardware, software, and network services including computer resources entrusted to the University by other organizations. The University policy regarding computer use is available at

Use of personal laptops during class for the purpose of taking notes or other applications consistent with class objectives is encouraged. However, it is expected that you will respect others and the instructor by not using laptops for non-class related activities, such as email, facebook, surfing the web for personal reasons or entertainment, etc., as these uses can detract from rather than enhance the learning environment. The instructor reserves the right to ask students to close their laptops, personal or University-owned, at any point during class.

Student Professional Code of Conduct

The department faculty has created this Student Professional Code of Conduct to support a productive and stimulating learning environment in all classes. The code is designed to help ensure a positive atmosphere and support the vast majority of students who currently exhibit the professional standards detailed below.

Students should exhibit professional values and behavior in activities related to their education by:

Demonstrating trust, respect and common courtesy for their classmates and professors by engaging in professional classroom conduct. For example, by

· turning off cell phones in class

· not text messaging, reading email, or ‘surfing’ the web during class

· not listening to MP3 players or similar devices in class

· not departing the room to respond to text messages or cell phone calls

· avoiding unnecessary talking

· not reading outside material in class

· not working on other class assignments while in class

· complying with class instructions for laptop use

Contributing to a positive learning environment. For example, by

· completing all assigned readings prior to the class period

· arriving, attending and departing class in a professional manner

· taking responsibility for team and individual assignments

· fulfilling team obligations by showing up on time and being prepared

· developing cooperative relationships with other students and faculty

· being prepared to respond to questions or provide examples when asked

· not attempting to renegotiate class deadlines, requirements, and grading as outlined in the syllabus

· asking for clarification on projects, assignments, and deadlines in class (if you have a question, others will too)

Students With Special Needs:

“If you are a qualified person with disabilities who might need appropriate academic adjustments, please communicate with me as soon as possible so that we may make appropriate arrangements to meet your needs in a timely manner. Frequently, we will need to coordinate accommodating activities with other offices on campus. Course materials can be made available in alternative formats.”

Student Code of Conduct:

Any violation of the Student Code of Conduct will be taken very seriously and appropriate sanctions will be applied. Violations include: plagiarism, exam misconduct, etc. Please refer to the UNM Pathfinder for additional information -

Textbook (required): Operations & Supply Chain Management. 13e Edition. by Jacobs and Chase. McGraw-Hill Irwin. There is a text Web site found at: at this Web site you will find excel templates, online quizzes, power point presentations, step-by-step-solutions to examples, screencam tutorials, chapter outlines, updates, interactive operations management and Web link. For on-going support you have a Digital CARE Team at: (click “Contact Us”) or phone 1-800-331-5094 (prompt 2 for students.)

The following site is for this semester’s class:


Section 001 (noted as 001 2):

Section 004:

You need to check the site often to know when quizzes and assignments open and when they close. Not all work will be posted on that site at the first week of the semester. Quizzes are set to one attempt AND ARE TIMED. Quizzes must be completed prior to the day they are due, see syllabus. Assignments typically have three attempts with new data each time. Assignments open a day or so before the class period during which we cover the topic and close about a week after we have covered the topic. Sometimes answers are marked wrong by the website due to rounding. If you notice that just send me an email. I can adjust your scores.

SIGN-UP for the Class Business Blog: It is free.

You will find it at:

The purpose of this blog is for everyone to share information and questions on the class. You will find the Syllabus loaded here. I have loaded several articles on this page and anticipate loading more as the semester proceeds. Reading business publications is responsibility of any business person.

Send general class and material questions to this page. Use this in lieu of Email for any class questions. Personal information may be sent exclusively to my UNM Email. Personal information may include absence notices, illnesses, and any other personal information that you deem to not share with the rest of the class.

Grading Policy: Points/Percentage of total

Assignments (four) 200 points

Quizzes (six): 300 points

Blog comments 100 points

Midterm Exam: 200 points

Business Analysis Presentation 100 points

Business Analysis paper 100 points

Final Exam: 200 points

Total points: 1200 points

The points assigned to each component of the course might be adjusted somewhat as we go. This is due to uncertainties about coverage of the material and the precise timing of topics.

Makeup examsare provided to individuals who provide convincing proof of a medical, legal, family, or work emergency. Do not schedule activities that will conflict with the time of exams. Makeup exams are not guaranteed to be of the same format, length, or difficulty as the in-class exams. Makeup exams are not automatically granted. At most, one makeup exam will be given per individual for the course. If you should miss more than one exam period you will then receive an incomplete in the class.

Grading Scale:

961-1200 A

721-960 B

481-720 C

241-480 D

0-240 F

First Assignment: Familiarize your self with the topic Operations Management

Due on or before Wednesday, August 31, 2011 in class (no emails accepted)

Find a job advertisement for a Management position in the Wall Street Journal.

Relate five topics from the text to the advertisement.

Turn-in a copy of the job advertisement. Staple the paper and the ad together.

Write no more than a half page relating topics from the book to the advertisement. No hand written copies will be accepted.

Place your name, Class Title and Section in the upper right hand corner.

Following these instructions will be 10 of the 25 points of the grade.

Second Assignment: Understanding Facility Layout (Chapter 6A)

Due on or before Monday, September 28, 2011 in class (no emails accepted)

Select a business, observe how that business is laid out, and diagram the facility layout.

Discuss the functionality of the lay-out in terms from Chapter 6A.

Note what works functionally and what does not work functionally.

Explore key terms pertinent to Facility Layout Chapter 6A in the discussion.

Please limit to no more than two pages. Bullet points accepted. Staple paper to diagram.

No hand written copies will be accepted; hand drawn lay outs will be accepted.

Place your name, Class Title and Section in the upper right hand corner.

Following these instructions will be 10 of the 25 points of the grade

Third Assignment: Applying Knowledge of Facility Layout to Service Processes (Chapter 7)

Due on or before Monday, October 3, 2011 (no emails accepted)

Discuss the Seven Characteristics of a Well-Designed Service System as demonstrated (or not) in the business you observed for the Second Assignment.

Include poka-yokes that were built-in the system or recommend the implementation of a


Please limit to no more than two pages. Bullet points accepted.

No hand written copies will be accepted.

Place your name, Class Title and Section in the upper right hand corner.

Following these instructions will be 10 of the 25 points of the grade

Fourth Assignment Due: Location, Logistics, and Distribution Issues (Chapter 12)

Due on or before Monday, October 31, 2011 (no emails accepted)

You are responsible for selecting the new site for this business.

Discuss 10 issues in facility location pertinent to your decision process

Businesses you may use for this assignment include: FedEx Distribution Center, Wal-Mart Distribution Center, MAC Cosmetics, Apple Store, Blue Bell Creameries Ice Cream Plant, Green Giant vegetable processing plant, dave & Busters, Century 21 Franchise Realtor Office, or locally owned dry cleaners.

Make a decision as to where you would place that business based on the 10 issues.

Each issue is worth 5 points. Goal is to convince the VP (that would be your teacher.)

Please limit to no more than two pages. Bullet points accepted. Staple paper together.

No hand written copies will be accepted.

Place your name, Class Title and Section in the upper right hand corner.

Following these instructions will be 10 of the 25 points of the grade


This is a collaborative presentation as widely used in the business world. The presentation will be a study of an organization and the operations management tools and concepts that are utilized. You must describe fully one concept or tool from the text and relate it to a specific business. Examples of organizations utilized in previous semesters are: Dion’s Pizza, Starbucks, Netflix, Whole Foods, Flying Star, and others. NO STARBUCKS allowed this semester! Be creative in the businesses that you select, as the more interesting the presentation, the better the grade. Be sure to fully research the topic, and the business.

The group size is limited to 4 members and each member must make part of the presentation. The presentation must be no longer than 15 minutes as time is money in the business world! Be prepared to ask and answer questions. Professional dress is required. Grading points will be deducted if professional dress standards are not adhered to.

Business Analysis Paper

Each team will, in addition to the presentation to the class, turn in a five page paper about the organization that was studied and the tools and concepts that were applied.

The paper will include the salient information from the presentation.

Class Schedule

The timing of topics is approximate.

You are expected to read the chapters before class. The quizzes will be timed. You will be responsible for all of the material in the chapters unless you are specifically told otherwise.

Week 1

Monday, August 22nd

Chapter 1: Operations and Supply Chain Management AND Orientation

Register for the class, online quizzes, assignments, and exams site:


Section 001 (noted as 001 2):

Section 004:

Wednesday, August 24th

Chapter 2: Strategy and Sustainability

Week 2

Monday, August 29th

Chapter 3: Product and Service Design

Wednesday, August 31st FIRST ASSIGNMENT DUE

Chapter 3: Product and Service Design

Chapter 4: Strategic Capacity Management

Week 3:

Monday, September 5th


Wednesday, September 7th QUIZ ONE DUE (open Tues-Wed. Sept 6 to 7 6am-6am)

Chapter 4: Strategic Capacity Management

Chapter 4A: Learning Curves

Week 4

Monday, September 12th

Chapter 5: Process Analysis

Chapter 5A: Job Design and Work Measurement

Wednesday September 14th

Chapter 6: Production Processes

Week 5

Monday, September 19th QUIZ TWO DUE (open Sun-Mon, Sept 19 to 20, 6am-6am)

Chapter 6A: Facility Layout

Wednesday, September 21st

Chapter 7: Service Processes

Week 6

Monday, September 26th

Chapter 7A: Waiting Line Analysis

Wednesday, September 28th SECOND ASSIGNMENT DUE

Chapter 8: Health Care Processes

Week 7

Monday, October 3rd THIRD ASSIGNMENT DUE

Chapter 9: Six Sigma Quality

Wednesday, October 5th

Chapter 9A: Process Capability and SPC

Week 8

Monday, October 10th QUIZ THREE DUE (open Sun.-Mon., Oct. 9 to 10, , 6am-6am)

Discuss successful assignment papers and information & Mid-Term Exam Review

Wednesday, October 12th


Midterm Exam: Online exam at the class Website. You may take the exam at any reliable PC with a high speed connection to the internet. The exam will be set to one attempt. The questions and data in similar questions will be different for each student. The question order will be different for each student. You will have 60 minutes to complete the exam. The exam will open at regular class times. You must have all answers entered into the website before your time has expired. NO HARDCOPY WILL BE ACCCEPTED.

Week 9

Monday, October 17th

Chapter 10: Projects

Wednesday, October 19th

Chapter 11: Global Sourcing Procurement

Week 10

Monday, October 24th QUIZ FOUR DUE (open Sun.-Mon. Oct. 23-24, 6am-6am)

Chapter 12: Location, Logistics, and Distribution

Wednesday, October 26th

Chapter 12: Location, Logistics, and Distribution

Chapter 13: Lean and Sustainable Supply Chains

Week 11

Monday, October 31st FOURTH ASSIGNMENT DUE

Chapter 13A: Operations Consulting and Reengineering

Wednesday, November 2nd

Entrepreneurial Seminar: So, how do you lease a business space?

Week 12

Monday, November 7th

Chapter 14: Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Wednesday, November 9th QUIZ FIVE DUE (open Tues-Wed., Nov. 8-9, 6am-6am)

Chapter 15: Demand Management and Forecasting

Week 13

Monday, November 14th

Chapter 16: Sales and Operations Planning

Wednesday, November 16th

Chapter 17: Inventory Control

Week 14

Monday, November 21st

Chapter 18: Material Requirements, Planning

Chapter 19: Scheduling

Wednesday, November 23st

Chapter 19A: Simulation

Chapter 20: Constraint Management


Thanksgiving Holiday begins November 24, 2011.

Class will resume on Monday, November 28, 2011.

Week 15

Monday, November 28th

Group presentations of Business Analysis and learning begin. PAPERS DUE DAY OF PRESENTATION

Wednesday, November 30th

Group presentations of Business Analysis and learning begin. PAPERS DUE DAY OF PRESENTATION

Week 16,

Monday, December 5th

Group presentations of Business Analysis and learning begin. PAPERS DUE DAY OF PRESENTATION

Wednesday, December 7th

Group presentations of Business Analysis and learning begin. PAPERS DUE DAY OF PRESENTATION

Final Exams will be on-line at your Connect site.

Final exams follow the Final Examination schedule as published by UNM.

Operations Management 300-001 Final is on Wed., Dec. 14, 3:00 - 5:00 pm.

Operations Management 300-004 Final is on Wed., Dec. 14, 5:30-7:30 pm.


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    • profile image

      Mahvand Biazar 

      7 years ago

      For the blog comments points, we need to make at least two commnets to receive points?

    • BusinessOpsMngmnt profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from USA

      Yes, the slides that I use are directly from the Connect site. You have to find 'student resources' and click on that, then on the left hand side of the page there is a drop down menu. Drop the menu down and select the chapter you want. Once you open that chapter you will find the ppts there.

      I do amend the ppts.

    • profile image

      Mengqi Li 

      7 years ago

      May I ask why the ppt slides used in the classes not the same as the connect ones?

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      With assignment 1, did you want no more than half a page for each topic?

    • BusinessOpsMngmnt profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from USA

      It is due on Monday but I will not consider it late if it is turned in on Wednesday due to the mistake on the syllabus. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    • Ariel Maldonado profile image

      Ariel Maldonado 

      7 years ago

      I was filling out my planner and October 3rd is on a Monday, but it said it was due on a Wednesday. I just want to confirm the due date, thank you.

    • SarahHannigan profile image


      7 years ago from USA

      I rented my book offline. They didn't give me an access code with it unfortunately, so I will have to purchase one separately. Thank you for letting me know about the free trial on Connect!

    • BusinessOpsMngmnt profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from USA

      Go to where you rented your book. Did you get an access code w/the book? Did they forget to give you one? Do you have to purchase one separately? (You might check to see how much the access code costs on-line to compare.)

      Do set-up an account at Connect as they will let you on for free in the beginning.

    • SarahHannigan profile image


      7 years ago from USA

      Do you know where I can go to get just the access code? I rented my book, and it didn't come with an access code, and I don't want to have to buy a whole new book.

    • BusinessOpsMngmnt profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from USA

      Please see the Email broadcast on Connect.

      ~How to get to the page

      ~How to find the power points!

    • BusinessOpsMngmnt profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from USA

      Copy the full address from the syllabus blog.

      Drop it into the very top of the Internet page and re-load.

      You will go right to the page.

      Then follow the instructions on the page to register.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I had the same problem. The end of the address is s_hershberger_001_2

    • BusinessOpsMngmnt profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from USA

      Hi Ashley, When I tried going in through the student portal, I was successful. Do try again. If this problem continues let me know and I will have the Connect web people work on it.

      Thanks for the info.

    • BusinessOpsMngmnt profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from USA

      Okay, thanks, I will check on this right now!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      The website for section 1 isn't working? It says the website does not exist.


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