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Updated on August 20, 2016

The whole world is full of consumers of various classes and kinds. Every living being under the sun is a consumer in general sense. The man who does not consume or use anything is not a consumer. Even an infant in the cuddle is regarded as a consumer.People for their livelihood buy and sell necessary goods or things daily. Sometimes, the seller becomes a consumer when he consumes anything. They produce things or goods to consume them in time of need. None can deny it. The things or goods people need in everyday life are not produced. Manufactured or grown by themselves. Hence every-one needs to depend on others. They help develop the country's economy. The lion's share of a country's national income comes from the consumers. So they have some rights which are determined and approved by the government.

The consumer not only consumers goods but also enjoys rights. The consumer’s rights are under the Ministry of Commerce. This ministry pilots, guides and controls the consumer's goods manufactured by different companies, factories, industries and mills. The protection of consumer's rights is a great necessity. At present there goes a healthy competition of quality of goods all over the globe. So to exist there in the midst of challenge has become a taught matter. The abolition of anything adversely tells upon the country's economy. To understand its significant is a must for every-body in the global field of consumption.

Consumer has rights and these need necessary protection. The Commerce Ministry always stresses on it. Hence consumers rights need to be protected in all respects. In a country where dishonesty has become a common trend, consumers are often duped into buying flawed products. Passing and selling products with expired dates is a general habit of the seller. This also makes the consumers suffer mentally. Selling. adulterated items and failure to maintain a sustainable quality control program combined to create a total structure of agony and suffering tor the users/consumer’s. Most consumers are unaware or ignorant of the quality of the goods they like to buy. After buying unadulterated goods, they remain helpless in the face of such maliciousness and malpractice. This ignorance comes to happen due to the absence or lack of solid and legal frame work. The dishonest business men play such a trick with the honest consumers. They want 10 be rich overnight dealing with such a dishonest way of business. Ultimately, the sufferings go to the innocent buyers or consumers. The small scale of business is growing bigger day by day. The small businessman is becoming a bigger businessman day by day whereas the innocent consumers are also falling victims to such an exploitation of the dishonest businessmen. If this malpractice continues for long, the economic development of the country, under no circumstances, can be expected.

Proper steps are necessary to protect consumer's rights. The Commerce Ministry has some steps to take to protect the rights of consumers and highlight the requirements for a legal consumer's rights frame work the Ministry for- Trade and Commerce has adopted some steps. The dishonest businessmen should not be allowed to adopt such a malpractice practice. If anyone is found involved in it should be punished or imposed a large amount of money as fine. A set of commendations for a- draft consumer protection law was sent to the including ministry in 1994, but no purpose. The local market began to expand considerably from 1994 and still continues to grow bigger. The matter of consumer's rights has become more imperative. At present we have local foreign companies competing by offering similar products. This offering and competition can be given the importance needed as mentioned by the ministry. Considering the consumer's position the government is planning to place two bills to ensure the rights of the consumers. Their rights are still an alien subject to many in the country. They are the largest economic group of a country's economy affecting and affected by almost every public and private economic decision.

Economic development is not just about capturing the market, it also involves in producing products for export that are of global standard. To protect dealing with them this organization can be opened to all kinds of queries from the consumers and from time to time this body can also carry out surveys of items to ensure that the required standard is being maintained

The businessmen have great responsibilities to maintain honesty and sanctity of business. They must admit that consumer of any class has rights. So they should be honest. They should run their businesses in an honest way. They should not be demoralized to deceive the consumers m any way. They should buy pure goods and sell pure goods avoiding ill-notion ill-motive and the ill-tendency to make more profit. They should always maintain business 'good-will' and then there will be a very good sale. The innocent consumers will publicize the good will, undoubtedly. If the necessary steps are implemented, the manufacturers will attach importance to quality and local industries will automatically rise to the desired level. But in Bangladesh, they are the only important group who were not effectively organized and whose views were not heard. It is well known that in this country rampant disregard for consumers takes place even by the government-owned utilities like telephones ^transport power etc. In the first place, these utilities were ironically created, as state monopolies to protect consumers rights. We are being bombarded with adds which are misleading newer methods applied to dupe the consumers. The present market is full of adulterated food staff poisoning a great threat to public health. Accidentally, incidents of adulteration, supply of spurious or standard goods, deception by false advertisement unfair trade practice, unwarranted overcharging, earning unjustified profit, raising price of essential commodities have become the rules rather than exceptions.

The recent huge increase in transport fare is yet another example of flagrant violation of consumers rights. The common people have to bear the brunt of fuel price. According to a recent report, only 16% of consumers in our country are aware of their rights. Unfortunately, the common people hardly raise their voice against unfair trade practices. We are now going to have a few laws for protecting the consumer's rights. There are laws at present supposed to the government various unfair trade practices. But the implementation is tax and the offenders often get away scot-free by greasing palms of certain corrupted officials.

Consumer's rights should be protected in all respects. When this will be the step in the right direction, the govt. must ensure that the law is implemented. The authority concerned must be strict and if the punishment is prompt and harsh, these will act as adequate deterrents.


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