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The Perceptions of Internet Marketing

Updated on October 11, 2013

Simple truths of Internet marketing

Internet Marketing is the process of marketing one's products and services through the Internet. Ever since internet was introduced it has been used widely. For information i.e communication and entertainment and also for business. Internet introduced other professions like programming,designing and content writing.Through this technology now selling and buying of products has been almost centralized regardless of one's location.

There are various internet marketing methods. There is the use of banners,email marketing,and affiliate marketing.Banners advertising and email marketing were the first form of advertising and it is still amazing that even today they are still very effective. This is not to say the mode has not undergone some changes(present banners cannot be compared to previous banners).Banner advertising usually works on the basis of how many impressions have been server up by the page. It is for certain that the more banner ads put up the better the results and vice versa. The con to the use of banners is the leads generated from banners were difficult to track down, this led to intrusive and other rich media advertising concepts to be introduced.

Affiliate marketing has also peaked in the online marketing industry.Normal people even though they have no experience in marketing can now get commissions through recruiting. Traditionally it was advertising by word of mouth now it is affiliate marketing. These affiliates get rewards inform of cash,coupons,gifts. The more referrals(recruits) one acquires the bigger the commisions.

With the loss of impression based marketing approaches to more performance based approach,impression based banner advertising is not the only weapon for a marketer.The online marketer is moving towards performance bases advertising like the CPA(Cost Per Acquisition).Advertising through the social media which have become a generation craze, marketers are finding millions of ways to reach their customers. Clicks are used in that publishers are getting paid to click and view advertisements.

Through internet marketing faster access of information has been made available, which has made business effective. This is due to the fact that by just logging in the marketers can view the reception of the advertisements put forward and if unsatisfied they can change their marketing method. Marketers get comments and suggestions on how to improve the products,physical buying customers tend to be too busy or in a hurry to give feedback as compared to online shoppers who are transacting from the comfort of their homes.Products can be uploaded and their specifications defined and in case of adjustments a simple upload or deletion is required.For customers, online shopping has been a convenient preference as all they require is a credit card and their goods will be delivered to their doorsteps.

A lot is achieved with a simple click of a button. Almost all companies have a website dedicated to sell their goods and services online. Nowadays, some websites are a market by themselves like ebay, amazon.

Internet has been a grand success, it is now a medium of the utmost importance and often assumes a position of prominence in the marketers marketing mix.


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