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TLSA Sales Training

Updated on January 20, 2011

TLSA Sales Training Solutions For 2011

TLSA International is a sales training company based just outside London in Surrey that has been providing cutting edge sales training solutions, programmes and courses to UK businesses for over 20 years.

TLSA International and a selection of their leading sales training programmes were recently endorsed by the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM). Clients of TLSA can now be assured that the organisation, the sales training facilitators, the sales training programmes all meet the exacting standards of the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (ISMM).

The ISMM, founded in 1911 is the UK's only professional body for salespeople and they are responsible for establishing benchmarks and professionalism in the sales field. The ISMM is the only membership body accredited by the Qualifications & Curriculum Authority (QCA) to award nationally recognised qualifications in selling and sales management.

As direct result of demand, organisations around the world are now able to access high quality sales and sales management programmes through a licensing and accreditation partnership with TLSA International. The training material meets strict criteria set out by the ISMM. Effectively TLSA International train an organisation's training team and accredit them to deliver each programme to their sales teams and line managers. The objective is to ensure that the programmes are delivered to the high standards of TLSA.

All sales training programmes integrate a powerful pc-based simulation which accelerates learning and productivity, coaching packs, a workbook for each participant, trainer guides, notes, Powerpoint slides and all support materials. Every participant would have the opportunity to gain ISMM certification, giving them a sense of achievement and CPD (continual professional development) points.

TLSA are extremely adept at creating bespoke sales training programmes for businesses to deliver in-house. These bespoke training courses can either be delivered by one of TLSA's highly accomplished sales training consultants or can indeed be delivered by a company's internal trainer with the aide of TLSA's highly advanced sales training material and the full ongoing support of a sales training consultant at TLSA.

Sales training programmes a TLSA are constantly evolving and in continuing to meet the exacting needs of clients like Luxottica, Daily Mail, Northern Rock, British Gas, Tesco, Xerox, RBS and 3M Healthcare,they have developed a reputation they are proud of and have a proven track record of developing sales people into high achieving performers.

For 2011, TLSA have launched their barrier-breaking 'Leading the Sales Team' as a two day master class with renowned sales leadership expert, Brett Lyons. With only four programmes scheduled for 2011, the first being in Manchester on 24th & 25th February 2011, places are limited and going fast. Brett delivers a combination of proven experience, innovation and practical ideas that can be easily implemented into the sales management role. This programme has been endorsed by the ISMM and each participant receives an ISMM certificate of attendance.

Whether of interest to yourself or your colleagues it’s easy to find out more information about TLSA sales training courses and to book online at However, if you would like to discuss your individual needs in more depth then please pick up the phone today and call one of our Business Advisers on 01428 658867 for more information.


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