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Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Ever Do in an Interview

Updated on April 3, 2018

Today is your job interview. This is it. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. The ultimate move to get out of unemployment or go over to that greener pasture. Either way, this day is really important.

Your hands might be sweaty and your heart might be jumping out of your ribcage but you have to stay calm. You have to assess yourself and answer the big question: Are you ready for this?

If the answer is no, then what the chocolate milkshake did you do these past few days?

But hey, no worries there buddy because you still have time. Here are the TOP 10 things you shouldn’t ever do in an interview:



If you’re interested in a company and you got your scheduled interview with them, you must do a background check. Learn what the company is about. It’s accomplishments, strengths, owners and the type of work they’re into. Normally, you can find it on their official website.

One tip right here: companies usually put a list of desired characteristics of preferred employees on their website. So you might want to take a look and see if you fit well on the category.


Yes, that’s correct. You’re sure that you already forwarded a copy of your CV to your employer but it doesn’t hurt to bring another with you on the interview. Sometimes the interviewer forgets or unfortunately, your CV’s lost on a mountain pile of paper works. You never know! Better be prepared with two or three copies and while you’re on it, make sure to bring a pen.


It’s the dress to success. You have to make sure you are nice and neat. Do not dress so casually. You might look like you’re going to a party or mall if you look like that. Select attire that is appropriate with the type of company you’re applying into. For the ladies, never wear a very low neckline. It can be distracting and it’s a little bit discrediting for you if you look too provocative. For the men, make sure your shoes are polished and your necktie not too low. Choosing the correct attire without sacrificing comfort is a must.


Don’t ever turn up late on a job interview. It does not reflect well for you. Also giving a lot of reasons why you’re late isn’t good. It’ll come out as excuses that your employer doesn’t need. (Well, unless they ask you why you’re late.) Just simply give a sincere apology and move forward.

In case you were to early because let’s face it, you are excited. You can grab a coffee or any non-alcoholic drink near the interview place. The best time to show up would be 15-20 minutes before the interview.



Okay. You’re not a child anymore. You are a professional and you want that reflected on everything you do especially on an interview. You have to mind your behavior because body language has a huge impact on these types of situations. Never take a seat if you’re not told to. Once you’re seated, place your extra things on the floor nicely beside you. The reason behind that is to avoid tinkering with anything during your interview. A lot of people fidget and grab any item near them to ease their nervousness. Some might even play with their chair, twirl their hair or tap their pen on the table. You shouldn’t ever do that. Focus. Make an eye contact, do a firm handshake, sit properly but not too comfortably and smile.


Never ever lie on your CV. Why? You can’t back it up with real proof. Don’t go telling your employer something that you don’t have a proof of. Instead, you should put yourself out there highlighting your real accomplishments and strengths.

Another thing is rambling. Remember the golden rule: Think before you speak. Don’t forget to listen carefully to the question, quickly organize your answer inside your head and deliver it with confidence. If you listen carefully to the question, you’ll also avoid giving out answers that is not related to what is being asked.


If you didn’t leave your previous company on a high note, it would be best not to badmouth them in front of your current prospect employer. If you put your previous company in a negative light, your possible boss might think that you will badmouth their company too in case you decide to quit. It’s okay to tell the interviewer that you had disagreements with your previous work but it would be best not to come off as the badmouthing type.


You are not hired yet. Discussing salaries on the interview is a no-no. The interview phase is your courtship phase. You have to build yourself first before discussing anything about salary. It might seem to them that money is your only motivation and once you don’t like it, you’ll just change jobs easily. If there comes a point where the employer opened the salary topic, just tell him/her your salary price range instead of giving an exact amount to allow room for negotiations.



If you don’t know how to follow up then ask the employer what will be the next steps after the interview and when will you hear from them regarding the outcome of the interview. You may also write a thank you letter to your interviewer after 2 business days to show your utmost interest with the company.


If you’re already confident that you’ll get the job, don’t be stagnant. The waiting period is truly agonizing but don’t stop looking for other opportunities. It’s wise to not put all your bet into one company and getting stuck there waiting for a call whether you’re in or not. If you land in to another company while searching, the higher your chances for you to get and weigh the better job for you.

Now that you’ve gone through the list, of course here are some additional tips for you:

  • Prepare a list of interview question and answers that might be asked in the interview.
  • Practice clarifying your good points.
  • Respect everyone you meet.
  • Keep a friendly tone from the start until the end of the interview.
  • Give a firm handshake.

In the end, it’s all up to you. You won’t succeed unless you try harder. Give that 100% in everything you do. Remember all of these and best of luck with the job hunting!

If you have any other tips, please comment and share them below.

Does lying on the resume/interview good for you?

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© 2018 Charm Boncodin


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