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TSU.CO The Future of Social Media is Here

Updated on March 1, 2015

It's The Next Big Thing

We’re all doing it. From Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest, we post, share, browse, connect repeat and make those companies and the companies that buy ads millions of dollars. Every day.

Like me, I’m sure you are signed up with at least half a dozen social networking platforms and/or apps and whether you’re there because you’re a YOLO extrovert or building your brand to make a living entrepreneur every one of your posts makes money for them using ad revenue.

So why not switch to a platform that PAYS you to do what you’re already doing? It’s FREE. It has three million subscribers and exploding. TSU.CO believes that you should be compensated for your content. Don’t think it’s legit? Watch the video in the link below.

Founder and CEO Sebastian Sobczak sat down with ABC News’ chief business and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis recently to talk about TSU’s philosophy and explain how members’ content earns money. “You’re essentially paid for the relevance of your content.”


How does TSU work?

Skeptical? Don't be. I included the link above to a twelve minute or so on-air video from the mainstream media, ABC News, along with a link below that takes you to the written article under the video.

The premise is elementary. Companies wrap ads around the content being provided in an effort to market products and services to the followers and traffic generated by the content posted. Content providers invite their followers to join TSU. Artists, singers, songwriters, authors, organizers, entrepreneurs, causes, charities, supporters - every one of these people are reaching for an audience.

What’s the catch? You have to be invited to join. Sign up, create your profile and then you invite your family and friends, colleagues and customers which grows your family tree, which in turn creates a chain of building revenue.

Think of the most famous youtube stars. They had to start somewhere. In the beginning, they posted content in an effort to reach an audience and with diligent work and perseverance built that audience by consistently delivering what people came to expect from them.

You have to work to be the content provider. You have to work to provide the content your audience wants to see, hear, or read. Investing your time and talent on TSU.CO is the foundation of your brand. Inviting and growing your family tree literally expands your revenue earning potential.

Too many people read the fast lines; they only see the keywords like earning potential, shared revenue, grow your network and expect to find a 'quick', 'easy', 'make money online right now' fast answer. There is no fast and easy when you are building your brand. You have to work.


Is TSU.CO for You?

As a recently invited noob - I’ve been a member for ten whole days ~ I am writing this article for several reasons. One, I absolutely believe the revenue algorithm works. The proof? Underneath the ABC News video - I shared the link above - are stories of three people who have proven it works. And that it can work for YOU.

Second, I wholeheartedly believe in the philosophy stated by Founder and CEO Sebastian Sobczak, “We feel rewarding content creators for the commercial use of their likeness and image, is the right thing to do and the ideal way to work.” Millions of you work hard everyday writing, captioning, sharing, creating graphics and pictures, to build your audience. To connect with your followers. You deserve to earn money for your work.

Third, I am a writer. I write poetry. I write fiction. I write articles. I write copy. I want to connect with people, make them feel emotionally open when they read my poetry. I want to entertain and inform people with humor and sarcasm and solemnity. And I want to build an audience for my original and shared content. You're invited to follow me.

Four months ago, a brand new social networking platform went live with the idea that people posting their content was the driving force of all the money made by ad revenue and they should be earning a significant portion of that revenue. Today, TSU.CO has over three million members and exploding. The future of social media is here. What are you waiting for?


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