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Storage Wars Tv the Real story.

Updated on December 19, 2017

The Truth About Storage Locker Auction TV Shows

Today storage auction TV shows owe their popularity in large measure because of our bad economic times. Drawn in by the drama of ordinary people losing everything they have the shows pander to the unemployed viewers that are desperately looking to find a ways to make extra money.

These TV shows are nothing but a make believe treasure hunt they imply that in the back of every nasty looking storage locker you're going to find a dirty diaper bag and in that bag your going to hit the Jackpot and find a rare antique collectable that's worth a lot of money. There's an old saying in the business that goes like this, "it only takes one item" to make your locker a profitable. This can be true however, the reality is these big ticket items are few and far in-between.

Let's be real these shows need good ratings to stay on TV so of course they are going to paint a very rosy picture for you to keep you engaged. Some shows claim that they represent the best of the best or In other words they are reenactments by these actors of auctions once attended by them or others over some period of time how long nobody knows.

Since these shows aired prices of lockers in the real world have double or even tripled taking advantage of the ignorant and desperate newcomers. The storage facility owners I've talked to are laughing all the way to the bank. The downside of this is it has greatly limited the ability of many resale stores to get affordable merchandise. I also feel sorry for the old timers I know that used to be able to pick up a cheap locker from time to time to make a few bucks to buy some medicine and food many have been priced right out of the business.

Here are a couple of examples of show flaws that are not based in reality. Nobody I know opens a locker and just starts throwing stuff out in the hallways as they are going through it, all you're doing is making more work for yourself. It's not reality when the only people you see winning lockers are the three or four main stars on the show never the people in the background. Then after each show they ( the actors ) each take their stuff to some so-called expert ( actors) for appraisals that are always sky high. The prices you hear are just trumped up in order to impress TV viewers real pawn shops and resale stores would never offer you any more than a 1/3 of what an item is worth in most cases.

Storage Auctions the Real World

In the real world of buying storage lockers you have to look long and hard to find a locker packed full of wonderful collectibles. I can promise you this, the vast majority of lockers have the same stuff in them over and over again the everyday pots and pans of people's lives the only difference from one unit to another is the quality of the pots and pans. Over time if you're patient and keep buying you will hit some very nice honey holes which will make up for the misery of filling up your dumpsters with the junk you usually find stuffed in storage lockers. You have to look at it like this If at the end of the day month or year the good lockers you've bought have outnumbered the bad then you should do well and make a buck for yourself. The people I know that have done really well own resale store, pawn shop or auction houses. These guys have lots of money to to throw around gambling on lockers you know the old saying the rich just keep getting richer. Storage auctions are a big gamble it's a lot like playing the lottery we can all dream of hitting it big.

This is a typical booth setup in an indoor flea market or Antique mall.
This is a typical booth setup in an indoor flea market or Antique mall. | Source

Top Ten Ways to Sell Your Merchandise

How To Sell Your Stuff

Here is a list of some of the best ways to sell your stuff.

  1. Garage sales are a good way to sell lower end items.
  2. Next we have Craigslist. It's a great option to sell large pieces of furniture and appliances. You can place text ads with pictures for free as long as you have basic computer skills.
  3. eBay is great for smaller collectibles. The only drawback for me is all the extra work boxing and shipping. Once again good computer skills are a must.
  4. Consigning with used furniture and resale stores is a great way to sell large pieces of furniture and home décor.
  5. You can have your own brick and mortar resale store.
  6. Rent auction halls this is a good way to move lots of merchandise and get cash fast.
  7. Have a online auction website.
  8. selling inside fleamarket.
  9. Antique malls.
  10. Put your merchandise in a estate sale.

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Do You Think TV Storage Wars Is Real or Fake?

Are They Fake Or Real?

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