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TV Adverts For Online Marketing Inspiration

Updated on August 3, 2017

Television Advertising Adverts

When ever I watch the tv, I always see the adverts like many people, but they really are inspirational if you need to achieve an online marketing mindset and apply all the points that you see and hear to an online marketing campaign.

The adverts are set up to provide all the benefits and it's these benefits that are set up to persuade peole to go out and buy the products, the advertisements are visually compelling, they either use marketing gimmicks to draw you in and therefore you remember the product long after you first saw it, maybe it had a catchy tune or song a keyword or catchphrase that often links to the product in mind. Hooks can be anything visual, audible, emotional, financial or even life changing.

The advertising industry is big especially on televison, because what better to way to reach more new customers than right in ther own homes while they watch the telly, but how can you really apply all that you see to the edium of online marketing and advertising?

It's much like studying really! - Let me explain.

Next time when you watch the tv, take note of the ads, and write down the benefits of that product or service, see how they have arrive at presenting that to you the viewer. What hooks have they employed to relay that attention grabbing information?

Are there hook combinations or is there just one main hook?

Out of all the ads you see in any one ad or commercial break, which one stands out the most and why?

These are all valid questions to ask yourself to really understand advertising, because on the tv they only have about a minute or so for each advert, so how are they most effective in using that short time to instill the brand of the product and what it is that sets it apart from others like it.

Toys For Kids Adverts

Lets take the toys that are aimed at kids or even more specifically their parents to buy the many toys, most times the toys are aimed more around the ad breaks on cartoon channels, or when the children are most likely to be awake around tea time from mid afternoon, so on this example we safely assume that the marketing power works quite well and it does, it instills the toy brands on the kids minds and the parents because it is at a time when the day is winding down to some degree.

Kids especially are more likely to take note of the toys that they want when they know the brands well that are closely associated with the cartoons they watch and the toys that also their friends may have, of course the playground is the biggest viral marketing strategy of the top advertising companies, they know that kids talk about what they get in toys and what they see on the TV, they carry that act of branding follow through that plays on their subconscious until they eventually do get the toys that they want.

It could also be argued that advertising for kids becomes a seasonal thing around christmas time, but what of the other times of the year, such as back to school, summer holidays, easter, halloween and bon fire night, these are all seasonal times that you could expect to see advertising on the television aswell as other mediums of advertising which could relay the same messages of awareness.

Like most people the adverts in between our favourite tv shows are annoying but we still take note of them in our life, whether we catch an advert that is just plain weird or daft that it sticks or we are nearly blinded by flashing lights and multiple colours trying to force the brands into our minds, on reflection we are kind of being brainwashed by these many images and add our own associated meanings to popular brands.

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What Have You Learnt From A TV Advert?

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    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 9 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Ads that are most memorable are the funny ones and it's these that you can take note from a marketing view point of how you can use that in your online marketing...

    • kpfingaz profile image

      kpfingaz 9 years ago from ~~~

      The commercials that are funny usually do real well because (from experience) you go and tell others about it (it goes viral) and with it you mention the brand.

      For example, the Geico commercials are really good because you're telling of the tagline which carries a benefit and the brand and its funny. "I just SAVED a bunch of money with GEICO."

      PS - they overdid it with the cavemen, though.