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Taking Advantage of Your Mobile Audience for Adsense

Updated on October 28, 2011

make more money online with mobile ads

Mobile ads are a way to increase your Adsense earnings.
Mobile ads are a way to increase your Adsense earnings. | Source
mobile users account for more than 30% of ad earnings.
mobile users account for more than 30% of ad earnings. | Source
make more money online with mobile adsense.
make more money online with mobile adsense. | Source

The mobile device is a new frontier for obtaining more income for your Google AdSense. Making money online is the goal for a lot of bloggers and webmasters and getting more from your mobile audience is something you should consider in the near future.

Believe it or not there are now more mobile devices in the world than personal computers. Google has developed their AdSense technology to reach out to the mobile audience for ads and as a developing entrepreneur you should too. If you haven’t already made improvements to your site to connect with mobile users, consider now as the best time to do so. Mobile users click on the ads as they roam the web while they are on the go.

There are a growing number of AdSense publishers that partnering with Google to earn revenue with their mobile websites. Google is bringing together publishers and advertisers to provide the mobile audience with an enhanced encounter when they are connecting with the internet on their mobile device.

Connecting with your mobile audience through contextual advertising can help you monetize your website or blog. AdSense for mobile is a program available in US, England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Russia, Netherlands, Australia, India, China and Japan.

AdSense for mobile is becoming so popular they account for a little more than 30% of overall conversions from Google.

Setting up your AdSense for Mobile

1) Select what type of device you would like to use for your Google AdSense for mobile. Help for choosing your device type

AdSense permits you to allow your ads only on iPhones or all high end devices. To get the most out of your AdSense its best to select all high end devices.

2) Choose your ad size

There are two ad sizes to select from, single or double. The double ad will only be placed on bottom of webpages on the mobile device. If you would prefer the ad at the top you must select single ad types. Some would like only image ads which don’t require a selection. Image ads are only shown as one ad by itself.

3) Markup language selection is required.

Would you like wml, xhtml or chtml? If you aren’t sure which one to use, read the Google AdSense blog for additional detailed information on what language you should select.

4) Select a character encoding

Although you can select a specific character encoding, Google recommends you choose “auto detect”

5) Choose the colors for your ad units

Most users will match the colors to their website or blog. This is a great way to get the reader to read your ads when they blend with your website or blog colors.

6) Define channels

Channels are the detailed tracking options that Google uses for analytics. These channels for mobile work the same as non-mobile content ads. Tracking the performance of your mobile ads is separate with your analytic information from your other ads.

7) Identify the scripting language

Pages that display the mobile ads must support PHP, CGI/Perl, JSP or ASP. Select the language your page supports

8) Copy and paste your mobile ad code

Paste the code for your ad inside of your webpage wherever you want your mobile ads to appear, save and publish. Ads should appear within 48 hours

Mobile ads are a wonderful way to increase your Google earnings. This is a brief overview of getting them set up and for your website or blog. More detailed information is provided on Google AdSense pages. Taking advantage of all of those mobile users and that 30 plus percent of revenue that could be in your pocket is a terrific step to get more from your online income.


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    • randomcreative profile image

      Rose Clearfield 5 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      Awesome resource. Thank you!

    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 5 years ago from all over the web

      thanks trsmd. adsense will allow you to monetize your website with contextual ads your mobile users will see while they are viewing your blog on their phone. hope this helps.

    • Trsmd profile image

      Trsmd 5 years ago from India

      good writing..but ad will attract mobile users?

    • LindaSmith1 profile image

      LindaSmith1 5 years ago from USA

      Nice article even though I am not mobile.