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Taking Care of your Health as an Entrepreneur

Updated on January 18, 2015

Taking care of your health as an entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur you are constantly busy thinking of how to sort out each new problem that arises, looking out for any viable risks and creating strategies on how to avoid them in order to maximize your level of success. Extending working hours has become the norm of living that you no longer attribute the most paramount principle which is to take care of yourself first before you take care of anything or anyone else. This is often the first principle that is forgotten in your quest to enhancing your potential as a great entrepreneur that is seeking to accomplish what may seem inevitable. The most important part that is usually forgotten by entrepreneurs is that in taking care of your health you will be able to become even more effective in creating greater levels of success.

Tips on taking care of your heath as an entrepreneur

One of the main things you should note as an entrepreneur is that you can tend to develop high levels of stress and mood depression and this is not mainly caused by the pressure of work but rather by the minimal value of care you provide to your health. This is why taking care of your health has to be a paramount activity you partake in on a daily basis without fail and this will ease the stringent occurrences of high stress and mood depression levels. Below are some great tips on how to take care of your heath as an entrepreneur:

1. Time management - Many entrepreneurs do spend majority of their daily time at work than at any other activity. For many their work schedule entails their ability to stay sited in front of a desk for many hours. One of the many health risks entailed in doing this is getting lots of headaches, back pains and joint aches. This in turn does increase your mood depression and this is consequential to your overall performance as well as your health. When it comes to time management you need to analyze how much time you can stay sited and when you should stand and take a short stroll or stretch your body. You also need to analyze how much time you do spend on work over the time you spend resting or the time you do spend with your family.

2. Eat a proper diet on a daily basis - Whether you are a food lover or a snack lover you do need to balance what you eat on a daily basis. Many entrepreneurs who eat a lot of snacks do tend to grow fat bellies that have detrimental health effects. Some effects include straining your spinal cord in balancing the weight of your body as you move, back pains, development of heart and chronic allergies, and development of excessive eating habits that make an individual obese. In your diet you should have more vegetables and fruits included than meaty foods and snacks. You should also avoid drinking the soft drinks currently in the market and substitute for ingesting natural juices that are healthy. Another substitution is to drop the heavy ingestion of coffee black or white and adopt to ingesting green tea or chamomile tea. Chamomile tea does have an effect of awakening your brain for daily activity and it is much better to ingest over coffee. Chamomile tea does also entail an effect of relaxation thus reducing any stress or mood depression you may feel as you work. These changes will reduce health problems immediately and even enhance your health performance as well as your ability to enhance your ability to achieve greater goals in your career.

3. Exercise - You can decide on how frequently to exercise per week and the best advice is to exercise at least three times in a week. This is mainly because exercise will enhance your body activity and thus eliminate the effects of body aches and the development of other health problems due to being sited at work for long hours. You can opt to either walk for miles, or jog, run, cycle or even go swimming. You simply have to pick exercising activities that you will enjoy participating in. Time management also falls into this category as you do need to firmly set up a good time schedule of when you will be conducting your weekly exercises.

4. Watch your weight - In order to do this you simply need to measure both your height and your current weight and fill this on an online BMI calculator. This will evaluate whether your weight is healthy or underweight or overweight. In this manner you can be calculating your weight monthly to ensure that with healthy eating and exercising habits you are maintaining a proper body weight balance.


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