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Taking Initiative in your home and work

Updated on January 1, 2012

When it comes to work most of us like to be followers, even though not a lot of people will admit it. But as I go to work everyday, I have noticed that everyone doesn't have to be a follower, they can be a leader in their own way. I have taken the initiative so many times at work and my supervisor really likes it when we as employees take initiative at work. Of course, you have to get permission most of the time because there are certain things that need to be approved by your supervisor.
During the year it is good to be looked upon as the one who is willing to take the initiative in a certain situation.
Most of the time you tend to think that you just have to take the initiative at work but one should also take the initiative at home too. There are things at home in which one can say I will do this because it will make this person happy, you are not waiting for someone else to make the first move. I like it when this happens within the family because is shows that each family member is thinking about each other and how to help each other out.
We all have the power to take the initiative and not followers all the time. It is just up to us to start or be the first one who will step up.


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