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Targeted Traffic To Your Site Possible Now

Updated on December 10, 2010

If you are a web master, then you will need a lot of targeted traffic reaching your site. If you do want a lot of traffic, then the reason would be to earn money from your site. Your site needs to have advertisements that will pay you when the surfer clicks on it, or you should be selling various products on your site to increase the income from your site.

Some people may click on the various products and view all the descriptions that are present there. They may not always buy the product, but they will be tantalizingly close to buying the product. Even these kind of people are very useful for the site because though they may not actually buy the product from your site, they will still help in increasing the page rank of your site.

There are also other methods of analyzing the time for which a surfer stays on the site. This will help you to understand various factors. A person who is happy with your site will be the one who stays long on the site. There are many people who visit a site and then quickly go to another site. If the client stays long enough on your site, there is a chance of making a sale. This also proves the effectiveness of your site.

When a visitor lands on your page then stays (instead of exiting quickly which happens if your page proves to be unrelated to the search query, and which is measured by bounce rate), it means that your page satisfies the viewer's requirements. Search engine crawlers will give your website credits for this and will soon put you on top of search engines which will make you a lot more visible. Targeted Traffic will also help your site to earn more for you.


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    • lindacee profile image

      lindacee 7 years ago from Arizona

      Good information for a newbie like me. There are so many things that affect traffic and page rank--it can be very confusing. Thanks for the great Hub!