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Teaching Children Drone Technology and Drone Safety for High Flying Future Careers

Updated on September 11, 2015

Learn to fly and maintain drones for a high paying job in the future

Flying a drone is a lot of fun. Learning the art and science that goes along with all of this takes a little time and effort but it is well worth the trouble.

I like teaching children about drones. They love flying them. Some of them even like the math and the science that is associated with them. Children seem to love anything that has to do with flying something. Model airplanes, model rockets, even watching television shows and movies that have to do with "flying" excites children. Think about how Star Wars, Star Trek, or Battlestar Galactica excites all of we dreamers who would like to be there ourselves. I mean to say, "Flying is exciting stuff!" Really!

To reiterate, drones are about science, technology and art. I used to teach children "model rocketry" when I lived in Michigan in the 1970s. One of the kids I taught about rockets (which is great STEM education, by the way) ended up going into medicine and earning an M.D. degree. The rockets just helped him to enjoy science and to love it more.

As part of my drone education program I will be teaching model rocketry also. I still love rockets. I still enjoy building rockets, flying them and teaching others how to do this.

I am happy that I have a large farm and a lot of "air-space," even though we only need a couple of hundred feet of over-head space to teach rocketry. Teaching drone science requires even less air-space. As a matter of fact, keeping the drones close-in helps one keep from losing them. One does not want a drone "to get away." Neighbors will hate you if you fly drones over their houses, within their air-space.

If anyone have an interest in learning about drones or flying them the drone school at Mamushi Nature Farm will be running classes consisting of 5 students to the "cohort." Williamson County, Tennessee does not allow a class larger than 5 unless one has a license for a school. And by the way, technically, Mamushi Nature Farm's Drone School is not really a school, it is simply a "recreational group of 5." If one uses the drones for anything other than recreational purposes one is breaking the law in Tennessee.

My email address is:

For more information, get with me.


There is a lot of money in drones, not to mention the fun of piloting them.
There is a lot of money in drones, not to mention the fun of piloting them. | Source


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