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Steps on how to work in teams with others in college or work

Updated on January 16, 2014

Team Work

The more people in a team, the harder it will be.
The more people in a team, the harder it will be. | Source

It usually starts in university and by the time you reach the workplace, it's assumed you will have the ability that is required to work in groups.

Group work is not the most satisfying part of university. You will often find that you either get assigned to groups in certain classes and that the people in your group are not that interested in the whole process.

It might be an easy task for some students ad for others, it will be one that they dread and fret about for weeks on end. There is no reason to worry too much when you are asked to present a team presentation.

With a little planning and some good solid research and lots (if you have the time) of practice, in no time at all you will be ready and willing to stand up in front of your fellow colleagues/ students.

Make A Plan


Make A Plan

The first stage in any type of group work is to develop a plan.

  • Each person needs to decides what they are going to do.

  • Each report or project will need an introduction and a conclusion to sum up its finding.

  • A referencing list should be included in the back of your report or project if necessary stating where all your information came from.

Work as a Team

Sharing the workload with others
Sharing the workload with others | Source

Sharing the Workload

There are advantages and disadvantages to whether you are working in groups of two or more.

Sometime the smaller the group is, the better as you don't end up having too many people trying to be the leader.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Teams

Less work to do
People don't do their portion
Less time contraint
Editing others work can be a headache
Less responsiblity
Too many leaders can emerge

Why group work is good

It's a lot easier for two/ three people to meet up and discuss how things are going over a coffee if you are working in different departments or having conflicting daily timetables at college.

You need to share information as you are working so that you aren't duplicating the research. Maybe make a list of 6 - 8 things of what you want to include in your presentation and then divide this up among the group.

Then everybody should go off to do their own research and you should all try to meet up to discuss your findings every few days to see if you are all agreeing on the way things are going. Obviously this all depends on the length of time you have to complete your presentation.

You need to ensure everybody is pulling their weight, it would be extremely unfair if 1-2 people were doing the bulk of the work and the rest where slacking off. It should be a group effort.


Once everybody has the research done the next step is editing. When you arrive at this stage of your presentation, you will need to be very strict when editing the data the group have put together, you need to structure it so that it presents well and has a continuous flow.

You also need to make sure you print a hard copy and proofread it and maybe get one or two neutral people to look over it to see what they think. Finally decide if one / two people will present the presentation. If you do go down this route ensure that when you hand over to your colleague during the presentation that you introduce them and say what they will be discussing.

© 2011 Sp Greaney


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    • sangre profile image

      Sp Greaney 6 years ago from Ireland

      @ JenJen0703, that's the negative side all right of having to do group assignments, hoping everybody does the best they can do to make sure the whole team get a good grade.

      I do think it's a little bit unfair myself that the groups mark can effect an individuals work, but I think they do it as a test in some way to see how you all work together as a team.

    • JenJen0703 profile image

      Jennifer McLeod 6 years ago from Battle Creek, Michigan

      I will be receiving my associate's degree in about 8 months. I am thinking about transferring colleges because the bachelor's program at my current school is a large amount of group assignments. I have a fairly high GPA and worry others' lack of quality work might affect my grades.