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Business Teams and Individual Autonomy

Updated on August 4, 2017
The writer in 1996
The writer in 1996

Team Environment - Advantages and Disadvantages

Welcome to Business Teams and Individual Autonomy

In the 1960s the British satirist, David Front, depicted his views of Japanese business practices, especially that nation’s inability to invent or innovate, in one of his famous television shows, “The Frost Report.” Frost’s views were not flattering; Japanese surreptituously bugging, eavesdropping, photocopying everything. He inferred that the Japanese invented or discovered nothing, indeed, that they gained their commercial advantages by stealing, industrial espionage, or by simply copying and refusing to recognize copyright

The Team Ethic was enthusiastically espoused

Whether that is true is not the concern here. But the view held by many respected thinkers in is that the Japanese “Team Ethic,” espoused so enthusiastically by our current crop of business and public sector leaders, has as many faults as it does blessings. Moreover, that these faults are usually overlooked. So why do we still insist so strongly on going the “Japanese way?” Why do we put so much emphasis on teams in business?

One of Macquarie Island's 1977 projects;this on top of our usual duties. It all got done with a minimum of directive.

This huge unloading dock for Army LARCs, plus building a power house for two new huge diesel generators, plus a hut for shelter on the island's mid east coast.  All this was undertaken as well as the normal duties for which everyone was recruited.
This huge unloading dock for Army LARCs, plus building a power house for two new huge diesel generators, plus a hut for shelter on the island's mid east coast. All this was undertaken as well as the normal duties for which everyone was recruited.

If you want really good results, give each team member maximum autonomy

Australian, Americans and, yes, most people of the English-speaking nations, are individualists. This is particularly so in Australia. That is why so many new inventions and new ways of doing things have come out of this country. At the same time, Australians do know how to form up into very effective teams when it suits their needs. The results speak for themselves in areas such as geographic exploration, sport, and voluntary organizations. But Australians also hate to be regimented. This became apparent way back in World War One and was deplored by the British commanders. With this in mind, in forming teams in Australia, team members must be given maximum autonomy. If they don’t get it, their contributions to the team effort will suffer

Minimum inteference by the in the operatives' initiative, that is the answer

No team is creative or innovative; only members of that team are

Remember, a team is never innovative, or creative. Only individual members within teams can lay claim to these qualities. The world’s Michael Angelos, Isaac Newtons, and Albert Einsteins operate individually. The team environment may provide combined energies that are greater in total than the sum of its separate parts, so that two plus two equals five, but it is always an individual who is working out the sum who comes up with that greater result.

Remember, also, that everything in the world was created unique. It is the natural order. Scientists tell us that, since the beginning of time, there have never been two identical cloud formations, or even two identical waves in the ocean. No two animals, birds, or even fish are the same. Though they may appear that way to our undiscriminating eyes. Uniqueness is the norm. It is the way of the universe; the multiplicity contained within the whole.

Let's keep things in perspective

Team Environment and Business Importance?

So let’s put teams in perspective as far as business importance is concerned.

Teams have their uses. This is obvious. But they are not the be all and end all of our industrial and administrate problems. Let us develop and motivate and inspire our individuals. Do this, and our team problems will blow away like leaves before a freshening breeze.

I hope you enjoyed reading Business Teams and Individual Autonomy.

Keep smiling



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