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Tech Mahindra Selection Tips for Freshers - Campus placements

Updated on October 19, 2011

Tech Mahindra company profile :

It is one of the best companies in the It and BPO sector. Its head quarters is located at Pune. It was founded in 1986. Its present CEO is Vineet Nayar. Its competition is mainly with TCS, cognizant, Infosys etc., After the sensational Satyam scam, the company has done a marvelous job in acquiring the Satyam computers and changed it as Mahindra satyam. Now totally more than 40000 employees are working in the company world wide. And the company has foot prints in more than 30 countries across the globe. Ranked 9th in the NASSCOm top20 It and BPO sector companies. It has also bagged the microsoft communications sector partner of the year 2011 award.

Selection Process :

The selection process of Tech Mahindra is similar to the many other It firms. Like it conducts an online test for the candidates, then after shortlisting the candidates it conducts a technical interview followed by HR interview. But the most typical part of the selection process is clearing the written exam itself.


The online test consists of totally 170 questions which have to be answered in 80 minutes. The questions are devided into 11 sections .And each section has its own cut off mark .The candidate must possess minimum cutoff mark in each section and as well as total cut off mark too to clear the written exam. Some of the sections are as follows General Aptitude , Verbal Aptitude , Passage Reading, Prepositions , Tenses, Passive and Active voices, confusing words, Numerical ability problems, Meanings of the words, finding the similar pair of words and etc. Thus more concentration in the test is generally on the english only. How ever most of the questions are easy to answer , But proper time management is required to clear the test. And R.S.Agarwal's aptitude book is more than sufficient to clear the aptitude. And the candidate must be thorough with basic grammer of english. And one should not stick to the same question more than one or two minutes , because time is an important factor here.


The technical interview starts with the most basic question of " Tell me about your self " like most of the interviews. So be prepared to answer this question efficiently. Here the emphasi is laid on testings the candidates confidence, verbal ability i.e., way of communication and also the fundamentals of the subject. So be thorough with the fundamentals of your subject along with the basics of C language for Non IT students. ANd the interviews also consist of the current affairs so please have a glance at the news papers, because there is definitely one or two questions on the current affairs.


The HR interview also goes on the similar fashion but here only your confidence levels and your communication skills are given preference.


  • Be confident what ever you speak.
  • Have a glance at newspapers as they may ask you current affairs.
  • Don't be arrogant.
  • Stay cool and calm, Have brief smile during interview.
  • Don't say that you prefer to join in M>Tech or other higher education as may gives you negative result.
  • ALL THE BEST>>>>>!

My experience as follows.....!

I belong to the SriVenkateswara University College of Engineering , tirupati. It is one of the Best colleges in Andhra Pradesh. Tech Mahindra visited our campus on october 15,2011. The online test was conducted for 221 members out of only 31 were cleared the exam. I was one of them. Later in the interview they posed me several questions. It lasted nearly 20 minutes. They asked me questions like Tell me about your self, why do you want to join in our company, few current affairs, programs on the strings in C language, few aptitude questions, about my village, about higher studies and a lot more. But I had answered all the questions carefully and got selected in the technical interview. Later it was a HR interview I answered well but they told me my name was in the waiting list. But in the final list i was not there. Any way I am not regretting as opportunities are more for me.

Hope this article will help you...! If there is any thing extra you want you can always comment at the bottom. Your valuable feedback and comments will help this article to enrich and help the other fellow students. >>>>THANK YOU ALL >>>ALL THE BEST FRIENDS>


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