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Telemarketers from India

Updated on December 19, 2011

Telemarketers From India


Enlightened Individuals

I would like to think myself an enlightened individual. I have traveled and been to Europe where I was asked to go to African and India. I have to mentioned I passed on both trips but was very open to the experience of traveling abroad and respecting others customs. I always thought I'd get a chance to travel to those places when I was older. Hasn't happened yet.

I know what I have been taught about India from people who have traveled there and there is a lot of India living in the USA now. Where I could cope with people from India (And I might add that India had a lot of patience with me as well) others were not as open even now. Last Saturday night as I put $10 in the car I found myself defending the clerk at the convenience store from a drunkard. The clerk was of India descent and it doesn't seem to be a social barrier for anyone anymore. Being from India is just like being from any place else here.

While I consider India assimilated to USA culture I have to wonder why others do not?

Social Barriers for India

Do you consider individuals of India in the USA assimilated?

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Bend It Like Beckham

Wouldn't it have been nice if our first experiences with people of India were like those from the movie Bend It Like Beckham. I loved the movie. There is only love for India because let's face it, America loves an underdog story.



English isn't English in America

I have to LOL every time I am with my India Friends who don't mind reminding me English isn't English in America and England has been in India since 1880(s). This an indisputabe point since we have all enjoyed the Jungle Book by Kipling.

The Jungle Book

Have you read The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling?

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Calls from India

And while I enjoy my friends in America that are of India heritage when I get the telemarketing call, I have to ask why they know how to call America but don't speak the language fluently enough to be understood?

You would think the first point of training would be communication skills? Then teach how to sell and finally then how to call.

And I have a pretty nice opinion of telemarketers as I have been one and I had to make my score as well. It is just harassment.

And yet, I am cautiously publishing this blog as I don't wish to offend anyone especially all those individuals of descent from India that work at Microsoft. It is just my hope that either I learn to speak Hindu or Hindu learns American.

Telemarketing doesn't work when the marketer doesn't speak the language of the person who they call.

Difficult to Understand Telemarketers

Do you find Telemarketers annoying when you can't understand what they are saying?

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Third Rail of Politics in America

 I believe India will be more of a third rail in politics than the Hispanic vote although I wouldn't count the Hispanic vote out either.


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