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A (Brief) Guide to Some Ways of Making Money Online

Updated on October 11, 2016

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It is said that the virtual economy is now the largest economy on earth, out-stripping even Northern America, if you've not really yet made the progression into the digital world economy the suggestions below will hopefully help you at least dip your toes in the water.

The suggestions will be presented in ranked order of effort required, the 1st being the least needed the last entries being the most complex and potentially time consuming. Each obviously benefits from extra time invested and each will need more time to begin with when first setting things up and learning the ropes.

"Work" in a virtual economy.

Whilst MarketGlory (a browser based business-sim, now many years old and still going strong, signup here) can become a very complicated game if you create and run a small business empire, however at it's most basic a player can simply login once every 24hrs and hit the "work" button, this brings an increasing amount of reward per day that can be used or withdrawn for euros via paypal or similar.

If you spend at least about a minutes on it per day you should be able to start generating at least a couple of euros a week, plus you can also invest in shares in the game which in turn will generate you euros what to do with your cash is up to you.

Also more recently (7/15) is a very similar game with more of an eye toward trading stocks and shares of real world companies, it's called Pipstycoon, sign-up found here. It's very new comparatively so very little up and running fully however an interest perhaps for the future as first I know of of an online game that lets players use in-game cash (that can then be exchanged for real world cash) to make trades on the real world stocks and indices.

Collect Free Virtual Currency

Qoinpro, a site that grants it's users a small bundle of various E-coins each day simply for being a member. All the site requires is an activate e-mail address so very easy and quick to setup. Might not have a huge instant payoff, however as effort required is almost none it's a no-lose situation. It also means even though you've only spent about 5minutes reading this article then joining Qoinpro you're already in profit and earning money (that has the potential to be worth a fair bit in months time).

Have a clear out

If you've some stuff that might be worth selling the tools these days available to the regular make listing and running a little online store / auction a breeze. Simply get some items together, say 5 to start with, do a little price research on each (do completed item searches on ebay plus live listings on ebay and google shopping) then it shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes after you've taken a few pictures to have your items avaiable to the www.

Ebay, High Traffic, High Costs, here. (Ebay now offer 20 free (though still with final value %) fixed priced listings per month)

Ebid, Mid/Low Traffic, Very Low Costs, here.

Ecrater, low traffic however now linked to "google shopping", No Costs, here.


Creative Stock

There's many sites where you can make some cash from your creativity and collected artistic abilities, from;

Photography & Sound, istock. You don't have to be the world's best photographer to earn some background sales from stock photos, a lot of the trade is finding things you like photographing.

Wrting, for example hubpages (this site) itself would be a prime example.

Selling your art, for example prints, including digital art and many other forms, deviantart. (please don't be put off by the name "deviant"art, there's only a little bit of weird stuff and adult filters)

One-off Projects / Online p/t job(s)

The dawn of working online is still in the dewy first moments, however there's already a huge marketplace and workforce, if you've some spare time to complete various projects and put your skills or person-power to mometary gain Odesk (here) is one of the front-runners in a new emerging field of working in a global virtual economy.


If you've any sites / suggestions please feel free and welcome to leave a comment!


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