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Ten Ways To Make Money From Your Website

Updated on December 16, 2011

How to make money from your website

This is a basic guide to making money from your own personal website or blog.

Google Search Ads

Google’s Adsense Search Network provides you with the opportunity to display other people’s search (text) ads on your website. Every time a visitor to your site clicks on one of these ads, you get paid. The tip here is making sure your ads are specific to your website content – after all that is why people are visiting your site. Your ads have to be relevant to your target audience. The relevancy of your Google Ads are based on a concept called Keywords. So if you don’t know anything about keywords, perhaps it’s a good time to read up on the subject. My article titled Keywords Explained, is a good place to start.

Display Ads

Display ads contain an image or a logo and the company pays you for displaying their ads on your site. You can contact relevant websites and negotiate payment for placing an ad to their site on your website or you can go through online advertising sites that set up the deal for you.

Affiliate Advertising

Another clever way to earn money from your website is to publish other people’s ads on your site under the agreement that if a sale is made via the ad on your site, you get commission. There are many different affiliate network schemes available, some of the biggest being ClickBank and Commission Junction, but individual sites, especially e-commerce sites, may have their own affiliate schemes. Payment can also work in various ways such as Pay-Per-Click and commission from sales. You should visit some of these sites and read up about affiliate advertising before you sign up to any particular platforms.

Rich Media Ads

These are the annoying ads that pop up and take over your computer screen temporarily. They aren’t widely used on personal websites, but can be quite effective if used properly. But if abused, they can turn audiences off, so be careful when using this type of ad on your website.

Sell Your Own Products

You can use your website to market your own products, such as e-books, DVD’s, coaches or courses. It’s best to use a soft approach and not to try to hard sell your products to your audience. They won’t appreciate it and will end up clicking away from your site. Rather use articles or interesting content to mention your product so as to arouse their interest.

Paid Postings

Some advertisers are constantly on the lookout for popular, relevant websites on which to mention their products or services. You can negotiate a deal where the advertiser pays you to mention their product on your site without it being obvious.


If your website is providing lots of free, interesting information you can add a request for donations to be made to the website owners. This approach is more often used on non-profit and political oriented websites.

Guest Content or Bloggers

If your site commands a lot of traffic it may be worth approaching relevant personalities or businesses who want to promote themselves or their products on your site. Popular uses for this type of monetization are health related websites, medical sites and computer sites.


If you feel like venturing into affiliate sales then you can always create an E-store on your site through which you sell other peoples products. provides this option as do many other big on-demand businesses. Even Facebook is now experimenting with its own e-store which you can install on your business or fan page.

Sell Your Blog

Once your website or blog is profitable and commanding huge amounts of traffic is has become a valuable entity. Then you have the option of selling it on an online marketplace such as If your site is an online business or information portal you could also advertise it privately on general internet market sites.

For more tips on eMarketing visit my hub titled, Ways to Promote Yourself Online or read my hub on Top SEO tips for your website.


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    • GetitScene profile image

      Dale Anderson 4 years ago from The High Seas

      Voted up.

    • psbhatt profile image


      All the above things are possible if we have good traffic to our website @ at least 50 visitors per day. Well researched article, thanks guru.

    • webcopyguru profile image

      webcopyguru 6 years ago from London, UK

      Thanks Homesteadbound. Appreciate the great comment.

    • homesteadbound profile image

      Cindy Murdoch 6 years ago from Texas

      This is a wonderful hub that I look forward to delving more deeply when I have the time. I am bookmarking it and looking forward to harvesting all the gold nuggets that I am sure can be found in this hub.

      Welcome to hubpages. It is a great place to begin writing. I did 5 months ago and I love it. Good luck to you.