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Ten ways on how to avoid getting into trouble at work

Updated on June 27, 2015
Arthur Nwokolo profile image

Arthur graduated from Modibbo Adama Federal University,Yola-Nigeria in 2011 with years of working experience and loves blogging online.

Always win
Always win | Source

Maintaining good office or working relationship is a must for everyone who of course wants to be successful and move up the career ladder in his/her life (of course for the career-minded or oriented people). It is true that many people are satisfied and happy with their job especially under the current situation of unemployment problem in many countries of the world today, so loosing a job is the last thing on anybody’s mind now. It is easier nowadays to identify behaviours that make a lot of people glide effortlessly onwards and upwards at work. But I have come to realize and observe something and that’s why I decided to put up this article to offer a solution in my own little way.

So what is really my observation? Okay here it is: By watching closely I observed that people who are content with who they are or what they have achieved are most happy on daily basis and stays healthy generally and also gets more out of life. But those who are still struggling tend to be not so happy on the whole and the enjoyment of life isn’t just what it should be for them.

But the truth is that so many guys out there don’t want to be ordered around or controlled but want to be a boss on their own especially me. Yes, me! Being in charge always is one of my hobbies but that does not include abusing it. I want to be successful businessman or entrepreneur because I feel nobody can do or execute whatever plan I have better than me. So I kind of find it difficult to delegate duties.

Having worked with three different firms( can’t mention names now) within four accumulated years of my graduation from the university, I can say now that I have a little bit of experience to help and advice people on how to stay safe, maintain a cordial working relationship, avoid unnecessary office chaos and save that job of yours.

1) Know yourself and be yourself: Yes, obviously it is very important to know who you really are and what you are capable of doing. You need to know whether you merit that job or that job merits you. Is the job worth it? Do not pretend to be what you are not. It is a Don’t, Yes never do that.

2) Never be late to work or any work related activities: Don’t ever give your boss or managers or supervisors or even any of your colleague a chance to embarrass you or ask silly questions like, Did you overslept last night? Are you sick? Don’t you have an alarm clock? Can’t you ever be serious for once (now this I never tolerated)? Do you want to still keep your job?

Some of these questions here are very provocative and rude in nature and it can lead to impromptu negative reply from you (especially those who can’t control their temper). So the best solution is to prevent the incident from occurring at all.

Put a smile on your face and someone's face too
Put a smile on your face and someone's face too

3) Greet when necessary and always keep a smiling face: Just like a front desk customer care representative (who are taught to hide their negative or positive feelings) that keeps always smiling while attending to customers, try practicing this act more often and it will surely save you some ugly questions or incidence I bet you. A simple ‘good morning or good day or Hello, how was your night?’ could go a long way in putting a smile on a colleague’s face. Just try it !!!

4) Be the nice guy always but be wise too: Yes, you must flexible while in work but do that with wisdom. Being the nice guy always may look so want-to-be-favoured kind of person. Yeah, of course it is better to be that than to fall into traps as a result of careless gossip and you might easily get cut up in ugly office incidence which might eventually cost you your job.

Check out these corporate dresses

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Your dressing speaks largely about youAlways dress decently
Your dressing speaks largely about you
Your dressing speaks largely about you | Source
Always dress decently
Always dress decently | Source

5) Dress decently, always: Aaah, this one of my best secret that got me so much love from work and I never worried about getting into trouble or getting scolded or series of queries when I’m late to work. Really it got me going even when I am faced with hostility because you will be addressed the way you are dressed. I remember I was handsomely attracted to a lot of my female co-workers because of my smart outfits to work (But of course I was very discipline except on one occasion).

6) Know when to talk as much as you would like to mind your own business: More often we engage in discussion either on or off working hours but experience has taught me to be assertive in discussion rather than trying to avoid discussion or adopting a follow-your-leader approach. At informal discussions, if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. It pays much better to be quite and be a good listener because you must surely learn quite a

In an executive meeting, I would advise to speak when asked to and ask questions when things are not clear to you.

7) Maintain your principle and dignity: Most workers would be tempted to compromise and change the way they talk, eat, laugh and do most things in order to obtain favour from someone especially your boss. But I’m telling you now don’t try it at your workplace not even anywhere. Stick to your principle and let everyone one know your do’s and don’t and I can assure that this will save you from office gossip.

8) Learn how to let go and only change the things you can: I would simply say be obedient to higher rankings in your workplace and respect your co-workers because this is often a major issue in a workplace. Do not try to change things you can’t change, learn how to let go because time wasted can never be regained. Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying you should not help or stop caring about things or to walk away from those in need but only dedicate time to areas you can make positive difference and stop struggling to change stuff that is obviously impossible to be changed.

Do you have a good working relationship with your boss and colleagues?

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Ladies please learn how to control your anger at work
Ladies please learn how to control your anger at work
Guys don't mess up our office, please
Guys don't mess up our office, please

9) Always be polite, control your anger and maintain good manners: Bad manners or indiscipline is a turn-off. Most people believe that they have good manners already but when subjected to work stress or pressure tends to slip up and show their bad sides like keeping basic table etiquette, not showing appreciation for favours received or worst still not apologizing at people when you offend them and so on. Be sure to watch out for these negative attitudes because it surely creates room for unpleasant situation which could have been easily avoided.

10) Try to be funny, sometimes: Sense of humour I should say is the way to ease office pressure and diffuse tension. When I was working, I remember an incident when I have not finished with an assignment my boss gave me but when I eventually did, I presented it late. I knew I was in for a hell of trouble but fortunately, my boss who was mad at me barged into me while I was ridiculously jumping and dancing to a Pharell Williams’ hit-song “Happy”. Putting on my ear-piece with a cup of coffee in my hand, I never noticed he was standing behind watching for almost ten minutes. Do you know what happened? (Your guess is as good as mine). So see something funny in whatever life throws at you.

Happy working condition with the boss and colleagues
Happy working condition with the boss and colleagues | Source

Video on "How to avoid trouble in the office"

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Americans workers are the most overworked in the world when compared to other developed Western countries.


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So with these few points I believe to have done a whole lot of justice to the subject matter. Well, some people are free to disagree with some of the points I have raised above, but the truth is that so many career guys out there are getting into trouble and don’t know how to avoid it or get out of it. So, with my own little work experience I decided to put this article so that when observed one can be able to look back after retirement and say “Yes, I have had a brilliant career”.

Good luck in your career pursuits, as you try to practice these 10 tips.


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    • Arthur Nwokolo profile imageAUTHOR

      Factable News 

      3 years ago from Lagos

      Well, you might not agree but believe me it has always worked for me in my five years of working for someone.

    • profile image

      3 years ago

      I've actually gotten in trouble for being myself so I don't agree with your first suggestion.


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