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Test Your Internet Marketing Skills

Updated on May 8, 2011

If you are new to internet marketing or plan to begin a career in internet marketing, this test will help you identify the level of your preparedness and the chances of your success. A low score however should not dissuade you from taking this career seriously, it only indicates that you need to do more research and learning. Answer each question in either YES or NO.

  1. Do you have your own blog?
  1. Do you write at least one article a day?
  1. Do you subscribe to at least three article marketing directories?
  1. Do you use key word research tools?
  1. Are you an affiliate of at least three products?
  1. Have you been an affiliate for at least three months?
  1. Have You heard of WealthyAffiliateUniversity?
  1. Are you using either PPC advertising or Article Marketing campaigns?
  1. Have you ever made an online purchase?
  1. Have you ever sold anything online?

If you answered all the 10 questions in yes, you are probably well ahead on your road to success or you are already a successful internet marketer.

If you answered 7 to 9 questions in affirmative, success is very likely for you should you continue in your efforts. You are advised not to give up and continue working on your goals.

If you answered 5 to 6 questions in affirmative, you have probably just begun taking interest in internet marketing. You have been reading enough online but you need to continue doing your researches and let your learning curve go up before.

If you answered less than 5 in affirmative, you probably came here accidentally as you have a fledgling plan to earn money through internet. At this stage you may likely abandon your efforts or might continue working. Should your dream be strong, the idea of earning online will take deep roots from where you will never look back. Good that you came here for I want you to know that internet marketing is rising exponentially and any one with determination to earn money online will not be disappointed in the long run. Cheers!!! If you need an assured online learning a great mentor will make your task easy leading you each step holding your hand.


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