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Beauty Products Paid Testing in Person

Updated on May 1, 2013
Blonde girl Antaman
Blonde girl Antaman | Source

Facial, Cosmetic, Makeup and Other Tests

First you of course need to register for doing the tests. I had seen both of the companies ads in the various newspapers as they were looking for women to test the products. Now they can sometimes advertise for respondents on the Internet. They might have them even on craigslist. You then look at the ad and see if it is something that you would qualify for and also if it is something that you would like to do. Generally, they also will tell you how much it will be paying. All of these probably involve qualifying for it. They may be looking for certain ages. I have added links for them at the bottom.

I did testing for two companies in New York City, New York at their offices and also for a blind study at a lab in Phoenix, Arizona.

l. Clairol, New York

2. L'Oreal, New York, it also lists offices for testing in New Jersey and Ohio.

3. Clinique Insider's Club, Internet - you can sign up for free products for doing reviews

3. Bioscreen Clinical Lab, Phoenix, Arizona - blind product test, meaning I was not given the company brand name.

4. In Vivo, Chicago, IL - a market research company I worked for that does paid surveys also.

For Clairol I did a test where they wanted to know if women would like the new box design or not. They had the new design of the box out for one of the products they have for hair color and wanted to get feedback on it. So I was asked several questions about it and gave them my answers. You do need to be forthcoming on your answers.They wanted to know for one thing if the box would make me more or less likely to buy the product. For this I was paid a total of $50.00 for my opinion as it said in the ad. I did not really use Clairol but that did not stop me from doing the study. It was only one visit. I don't think they had asked me if I used it or not.

Afterwards, I heard from other women that some of the testing goes into great detail if you are actually testing a product. They were warning that Clairol uses a two way mirror so that they can watch the person when they are applying and using the product. I thought that it would be a bit invasive. The girls thought that it was funny and said that Clairol wanted to see how stupid the women were or smart as it were when they were applying the product. They were watching for problems. I think that they must have had to have told them that there was a mirror there that people could see them on.

So there are different tests that they do on an as needed basis and it just depends on what they are testing then. Naturally there is a whole testing facility set up there especially for testing people.

For L'Oreal it is a different type of testing. You take the product they would like to test home and then when you come back you simply tell them if you liked it or not and why. It pays a little and then you get to keep the product. Clairol would be paying better paying on this. I do not think that it paid much but it may differ on different studies. The thing about the L'Oreal testing if you wanted to do it then, was that you could keep going back and testing different products. It just could get a little difficult to fit it in with your schedule.

I have seen that L'Oreal has a Consumer Testing Panel going on now that I have linked to here. People can sign up for doing the tests.

The Clinique Insider's Club - It has a waiting list, you can sign up to get products they are testing for giving them reviews that are sent in for the products. There may be qualification for it.

Testing Lab, Phoenix, AZ - I just did another study for this testing company recently in Phoenix. There is a testing lab there that does different skin care studies. It was for a lotion type of a product that was supposed to help with your skin and wrinkles. It worked fairly well. It paid about $175.00 for doing it at the end but it included several visits. The problem with that one is that if you decided you had to stop the study you would not get paid for anything.

In Vivo, Chicago - This is a company I worked for. It does market research surveys. They have different products. Some could involve shampoo or soap. You need to qualify for it. It was paying $10-50.00 then. It depended on what was happening. They also had focus groups that they did. There are other focus group companies there in Chicago and elsewhere.

Blonde Hair

Blond hair without Clairol public domain Fae
Blond hair without Clairol public domain Fae | Source


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