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Testing Social Signals

Updated on May 12, 2013

Testing social signals is one of the new buzz-words or phrases that you often see bandied about. But what is a social signal?

TastyPlacement, a US-based SEO company, had five websites built covering five different cities and then set up social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for each one.

I love Infographics! They are just such an easy and user-friendly way of absorbing often complex information and this one answers my question very effectively for me. The main conclusion was that Google +1s had the most noticeable effect on generating organic search engine traffic.

Take a look at the infographic and let me know what you think. Cool way of passing information on and a cool topic too.

Social signals send out big messages and careful use of them will strengthen the popularity of your web content, both in the eyes of Google and of your visitors.

Getting your informative, witty content in front of interested eyes is the big challenge we all face. It's simply not enough to just write great content you have to know how to make sure it gets read.

Although at first glance it might look as if the big boys have all jumped on the social signals train together, they have all done it in their own different way.

The undisputed heavyweight world champion at the moment has to be Facebook. They just got it right and then they didn't sit back they keep evolving their offering to keep it fresh and the market leader.

Twitter have done extremely well in establishing themselves as the leader in the micro blogging market. The short sharp easy to write format has won over many people.

But have Google got it right with Google+? Jury still out on that one. They are in a fantastic position to take advantage of the power of social signals but they seem to be lacking in many areas. They weren't first to the street, they seem to have missed the emotional angle completely (Facebook's Like is an emotional reaction) and it could be that there is a certain suspicion of anything that Google do that they haven't managed to allay with Google+

Are you using Social signals in your online marketing?

Let us know how and what success you've had by adding a comment below.


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