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Updated on February 8, 2011

What is Textbroker

Textbroker is a website where people who need content go. People submit what they would like an article to be about, and the request is sent to an author pool that Textbroker has. People who need content can choose what section of the author pool that they want their content request to end up in. The author pool is made up of four sections, each section containing a certain amount of experience writers. There is a two, three, four, and five star sections, and each section price differs. You see people pay Textbroker authors for every word they write, so a two star author will cost less than a five star author. When a person submits their request to the three star author pool then only a three star or above author will be able to accept the request. No matter who ends up writing the article, the person will only pay the three star price. 

How authors can become a writer for Textbroker

People who want to make money and write for Textbroker can go to their website, and submit a writing sample. If the writing sample is good enough, then Textbroker will let the person know if they want them to be an author for them. The writing sample will be evaluated, and the person will be given an author rating of 2, 3, 4, or 5. If a person receives an author rating of 5, then it means that Textbroker considers them a professional author. A level 4 writer is considered an excellent writer, while a level 3 author is considered good, and level 2 means that the author can produce legible materiel. The higher the author rating, the more money the author can make writing articles for Textbroker. 

How much money can be made on Textbroker

The amount of money that a person can make on Textbroker depends on a few factors, such as author rating, and how many articles a person can write in one day. Realistically a level 2 author could make around $75 a week. A level 3 author can probably earn an average of around $125, while a level 4 and 5 author could possibly earn around $200 a week. These numbers can vary because some people can write a bunch of articles while other authors can only write a few articles a day and submit them to Textbroker. Authors can make money on Textbroker, and authors are making money on Textbroker every single day.

Cons of writing for Textbroker

Sometimes clients on Textbroker reject perfect articles that authors write, and the author ends up not getting paid for that article. Sometimes getting to a level four or five rating can be a tendentious process, but well worth it. If you are not fast at typing out articles, then you may only be able to write a few articles a day for Textbroker.

Pros of writing for Textbroker

If a person can create articles fast, then they will probably be able to write many articles in one day for Textbroker. Textbroker pays every two weeks, so authors do not wait every single month to be paid out, and many websites only pay once a month. Textbroker also has a low payout minimum, and an author just has to reach $10 before being able to request a payout.

Conclusion: Is Textbroker a good websites

Textbroker is a great website to earn some extra money from. Give it a try as soon as you can.


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