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Thank God It's Monday! Rocking Tips to charge your Monday motivation!

Updated on July 15, 2015

Damn it! It's Sunday. Tomorrow, I will need to get back to work, meeting all the familiar faces. They are nice, but you know, when you eat something too much, no matter how delicious it is, you will someday get sick of it. Damn it! I realize that I meet my colleagues way way way more than anyone right now. My life revolves around my career. Isn't it life?

This evening is the Sunday's evening. Just like any other ones, I try to make use of it as much as possible, doing things I usually don't have time to do on weekdays, such as writing for hubpages, reading some online stuff. But damn it. I don't even have time to read my book. And after writing this blog, I will need to return to my work so that tomorrow's meeting will go well. Damn it! I cannot even enjoy my Sunday evening. And tomorrow will be Monday!

Sad face on Sunday evening
Sad face on Sunday evening | Source

So desperate, not knowing what to do, I start searching for "tips to get motivated on a monday". What I figure out is a bunch of lists that are no way relevant to me. That's easy to understand because tips to get motivated like this usually don't work, or only works for a very short time after reading. We need to really act, not just reading, to really get ourselves motivated. That's what those tips usually tell at the end of their article.

Tomorrow is Monday. I want to write this hub as a way to beat that Monday blues, and get myself motivated for tomorrow great start. I believe that this personal sharing will also help you to find your optimism and passion for the greatest day of the week: Monday! Huraay!

It's Monday, Monday- by Rebecca White :v
It's Monday, Monday- by Rebecca White :v

1. Plan to do things you love on Sunday evening

To make us feel less missing our Sunday, the first thing to do is planning and doing what you love doing for yourself on Sunday evening. Sunday evening is a time of yourself. Having a great plan will make you feel less regretful when it passes.

To me, the thing I love doing is writing. So for every Sunday, to make the evening worth it, I make myself write. And that writing should be for fun and interest. Doing what we like to do will make us feel life is brilliant. To make the most of my evening, I would be willing to stay up very late to complete it, because I want to feel a passionate attitude towards it. In my opinion, working with our passion charges us quickly.

Have you ever felt your Sunday is wasted?

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Thank God it's Monday!
Thank God it's Monday!

2. Say "Thank God It's Monday"

We all know that this Monday Blue condition is all due to psychological effects. It's all about our attitude. If we groan about tomorrrow workday, we feel miserable and life is so much boring. But what if we think tomorrow is a new day of adventure, where all the mystery and interesting stories will lie there waiting for us to discover?

The magic phrase to make this happen is to shout out: "Thank God It's Monday" 5 times. If 5 times is not working, try 10 times. Then, find reasons to believe in that. Believe me, we come up with reasons (excuses) very easily once we have an emotional decision. Personally, when I think of reasons why I should thank God that tomorrow is Monday is:

Firstly, I will come back to office and continues to shine there. People will look at me and wow with my energy and enthusiasm and talent. I can feel being a young star again tomorrow. Secondly, going to work will help me sharpen my soft skills, which I always want to improve, such as communication and networking. Finally, tomorrow is another day to think big. I have a vision and a dream. So I will start developing it tomorrow by working real hard. Tomorrow, I will come to my office and put that vision on my office desk to remind me of the ambitious goal I am having. I want to help change the world via branding and advertising, thus I will have the opportunity to practice it tomorrow.

3. Plan for tomorrow Monday's effectiveness

Coming up with a plan is a great way to motivate ourself. For me, tomorrow, my plan is to meet at least one new person, thinking of at least 2 new ideas, reading at least 2 new ideas, and try at least 1 new thing. Sometimes, there are too many things we want to do at the same time. But please keep the goal very simple, easy to remember and realistic.

One tip of planning is to create a "mantra goal" which is memorable and inspiring. Such as: "Be curious", "Look into things", "Listen, don't hear". Those mantra can help you shape your plan, and a great motivator for career development.

4. Remember your last success? It was all thanks to hard work!

Reminding you about your last success can be very motivating. Some magazines I read yesterday said that people become disheartened when they find no meaningful improvement in their work. Success comes and goes. Success should be a motivator for you to try harder and harder, not just a trophy sitting in some corner of your room. Success is the past. It's true. And to gain another one, we need to keep working. If you are already successful once, you can be another time.

In my personal case, my last success was to go to New York for the New York Festival Torch Award. Although I didn't win anything, at least I was among the 5 Finalists of the world young talents. My next goal is to shine in national competition. And to do that, tomorrow is a fantastic day to sharpen my skills.

Plan for success, and you will be successful.
Plan for success, and you will be successful. | Source

5. Select your favorite Monday quote

Quotes rule all the time to cheer people up. Good quotes are insightful that make you realize the angle you never think of. "Wow, I didn't think like that. And isn't it nice to have that thoughts"

There are plenty of nice quotes on the Internet, so all you have to do is to google "monday motivation quotes" and there are plenty of them. Below is one of my favorites:

"Today, you are you that is truer than true." - Dr. Seuss


Do you have a favorite inspirational quote?

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6. Inspire others. It works damn right.

Doesn't it sound weird? Why the heck should I inspire other people to avoid the Monday Blues? In fact, it is the most effective advice I have ever heard. When you can inspire other people, you are inspired yourself.

Monday is a great way to do that. For every Monday, it is not hard to notice those sleepy, boring and unfocused faces in the office. Don't copy them. Cheer them up. It is our opportunity. Inspire them to make them feel great at work. Share with your subordinates, work harder than your boss, be the cheerleader of your colleagues. If you can do that, you become the source of inspiration for everyone. People will want to come and talk to you to find that passion and enthusiasm.

Finally: Choose happy

At the end of the story, it's all about our attitude. Happiness is a state of mind that we choose, not decided. Having an optimistic attitude solves all problems. Think rationally about this and we will realize how stupid we are for choosing to be upset and miserable at most of the time.

I am a really optimistic person, which is my greatest strength. I can find happiness and joy in almost everything, and always look at challenges at the positive side. Because you know, hardship builds gold. No success is built from convenience. If we want to find value in life, the only way is to choose happy every time God gives us the choice.

I hope this hub can help you, and I am really curious about your way to find inspiration for a Monday work. Please share yours! Happy Monday everyone!

Rock your Monday for the Fireworks!


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    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      there is no monday blues for me. Sunday blues for me because it is a school day. Any vietname recipes?


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